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POH Dental Floss Lite Wax 100 yards

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POH dental floss is different. Constructed of nylon and gathered into strands, this multi-filament floss is designed to disrupt and disorganize plaque.

Shredding, cutting or breaking of POH floss

Without going into the gory details POH submits that the issue of their floss shredding is a long standing issue. They have always felt that your teeth shred their floss. Healthy teeth usually do not shred their floss. Teeth with calculus, poor/degraded restorations or active disease do shred their floss. Most dentists they know call that "Diagnostic", meaning it is telling you about a problem. It is also one more reason dentists (especially esthetic/cosmetic Docs) use POH floss, to check the fit and finish of any work they do. It tells them a story.

If POH floss shreds on your teeth, keep using it. If it is something on the enamel that can be affected by flossing, it will. Over time and effort, the shredding cause is cleaned away. Most people do not understand POH floss because they are used to the commercial stuff on the market. If the shredding cause does NOT go away, get thee to a dentist.

Never, ever, ever do any of these:

  • Never pull one end of the floss with one hand, letting it pay out with the other while the floss is between the teeth. This is a sawing motion, it does nothing to clean teeth. This causes the floss to pull along its long axis, which separates the filaments. Whoever taught you to floss your teeth by pulling the floss back and forth between your teeth was wrong. Period.
  • Never force the floss between your teeth. Slip it gently.
  • Never have a gap of more than a half inch between your fingers as you floss. You must control and manipulate this floss carefully, and holding the floss with hands more than half an inch apart does not allow this.
  • Never snap the floss into your gums. Once again, manipulate dental floss with care.

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