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Quantum Lip Clear Invisible Cold Sore Bandages 12 count

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Cover, protect and even hide your cold sore for hours.

The Lip Clear Cold Sore Bandage is the only cold sore patch that uses hydrocolloid technology to maintain skin moisture necessary for optimal healing. They are gentle on the skin, protect against scarring, and support the body's natural cleansing mechanism. The cold sore bandage is made from a semi-transparent material so it blends in with your lip color. It's easy to apply, will stay on for hours and can help protect the cold sore from further injury or infection while it heals.

Drug Facts

Directions for Use: Apply at the first sign of cold sore symptoms (tingling, itching or pain).
1) Wash the infected area with soap and water and pat dry.
2) Tear plastic release liner along perforation.
3) Remove bandage from liner. Apply to cold sore.
4) Mold bandage to cold sore by gently smoothing with finger.

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