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Schmidt's Ylang-Ylang + Calendula Deodorant 2oz

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The elegant aroma of Ylang-Ylang + Calendula is sweet with delicate floral notes. This formula is soothing to the skin with enhanced antibacterial protection.

About Schmidt's

Founded in 2010 in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, Schmidt's was inspired by a singular mission: to reinvent the way people think about their deodorant. Schmidt's is raising the bar for an industry that has historically left users wanting more. We've set new standards for deodorant: a luxurious feel, health-conscious formulation, captivating scents, and an experience that outlasts the competition.

Free of aluminum, propylene glycol, parabens and phthalates. By eliminating underarm odor and wetness without the use of harmful chemicals, Schmidt's offers a no-guilt alternative to conventional brands.

Cruelty-Free Certified by the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics

Butyrospermum parkii (shea butter), Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), Maranta arundinacea (arrowroot) powder, Theobroma cacao (cocoa) seed butter, Tocopherol (vitamin E), Calendula officinalis (calendula) essential oil, Cananga odorata (ylang-ylang) essential oil, Humulus lupulus (hop) extract.

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Love it!
I've tried the lavender and sage Schmidt's and then decided to try this scent. I like it, although not as much, but I'm not disappointed. This is a product that works really well, as long as you realize that the application process is not like commercial antiperspirant or deodorant. You need to rub it in since it's pretty solid.

11/6/2014 9:39 AM

The best deodorant out there
I love love love this deodorant. It works SO WELL. I've tried several natural deodorants, and this is by far the best line for me. Even after wearing the same application of deodorant all day AND going for a run, my clothes and I still smell fresh. Awesome stuff!

10/13/2014 2:17 PM

Excellent product, not-so-excellent application
Yes, you have to let this product warm up on your fingertips and then rub it onto your pit. Not great. BUT! For just about 30 seconds of annoyance, you get a GREAT natural product that feels nice, smells nice and works GREAT. I've tried several other natural deodorants and this one will hold up through workouts and hot flashes (unlike the others). Highly recommend the product, only 4 stars though because of the inconvenient application.

9/22/2014 3:11 PM

Good deoderant but not my favorite natural one
The cream has a super hard consistency and requires you to warm it up by rubbing your fingers together -- don't like this extra step. My jar is half used and the applicator stick broke (due to hardness!) so now it's useless, must find alternate method because fingers alone won't work. I have tried two other deodorant creams I prefer to this, frankly, just from application stand point but are equal to performance. But it seems to do the job, which is always the most important factor -- hence 3 stars....

4/10/2014 2:59 PM
Los Angeles

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