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Twist 0898541002009

Twist Loofah Dishwand

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The Loofah Dishwand is one of Twist's fabulous products, designed to be a very effective cleaning tool and also easy on the planet.

It keeps your hands out of the mess and dispenses liquid soap through the dye-free cellulose and loofah scrubber attachment. The loofah scrubber is an excellent abrasive, but won't damage your cookware. The natural characteristics of the loofah also allow it to dispense liquid soap to the scrub site.

The Loofah Dishwand is made from recyclable plastic, all natural loofah, and dye-free cellulose. When the loofah sponge scrubber attachment needs to be replaced, the replacement heads are available for refills.

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Less pressure; less soap
I've only been using the dishwand for a week and the loofah peeled off the adhesive. I think it might be that I'm used to scrubbing harder than I really need to. Also hoping that it was just that loofah and not the norm. I do LOVE that it uses half the soap that the average 'non cruelty-free' brand dishwand uses. If you can get over that it suds less but cleans the same, then this dishwand is perfect. Great to have Twist Scourpads too!

1/12/2015 4:07 PM

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