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Wean Green Cubes - Garden 4 pack

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Wean Cubes-120 ml (4 oz) Wean Green by Glasslock presents the newly designed and improved Wean Cubes! Tempered Glass Food Containers. Each lid has passed the 'use' testing machine over 3 million times! Pack of 4

Wean Green's food storage containers are made of the purest, most natural and infinitely recyclable material - glass. 5 times stronger than regular glass, Wean Green containers are impermeable, non porous and eliminate chemical migration and stains. Not even BPA, PVC or Phalates can hide in Wean Green's transparent glass. Going green has never been this easy - or colorful!

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These tiny little guys have been so useful! I didn't realize they are intended for baby food, so I'm sure they will be great for that someday. Until then, I use them almost daily for snacks at work. I put blueberries, nuts, raisins, dressing, all kinds of things in them. I do worry a little about the lid design and it's durability, but I guess it provides more of a seal than a snap on lid. So far no problems in the two weeks I've had them.

7/18/2013 12:32 PM
Seattle, WA

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