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Weleda Arnica Ointment 0.88oz

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Homeopathic ointment for sprains, bruises and muscle pain*

Daily bumps and bruises get soothed and treated with this potent ointment. It's a 100% petroleum-free remedy for your healthy life's occasional pains that moisturizes as it delivers effective relief without synthetic fragrances or preservatives.

Relieve your muscle and joint pain with a powerful natural wonder from wild, mountainous areas of Europe .Arnica montana has beenused for centuries in herbal medicine to treat inflammation, bruises and sprains. The fast relief of arnica's anti-inflammatory action spreads effortlessly in a natural base of pure beeswax and other nourishing ingredients moisturize and assist with active absorption into damaged tissues. With a powerful, natural ointment for your sore back, bruises, sprains and minor joint pain, you can take on future bumps in the road pain-free.

Massage well into affected area 3-4 times daily.
Active Ingredients: Arnica Montana MT (N) 7.5g.
Inactive Ingredients: Beeswax, Lanolin, Lanolin Alcohols, Peanut Oil, Water.

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Great for bruises!
I quickly get rid of bruises with these ointment. My 3 year old daughter uses it often, and it helps a lot.

7/10/2014 1:35 PM

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