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ICU Women's Reading Glasses - Two Tone Tortoise/Green Oval +1.25 Magnification

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  • Color: Tortoise/Green
  • Frame Style: Oval
  • Fit: Medium
  • Materials: Poly Carbonate
  • Magnification: +1.25

ICU's approach to design is refreshing, refined, global, and globe-friendly. Each pair of ICU readers is something special, inspired by the world around it, worthy of your occasions and personal style. What makes ICU readers different is not just the fashionable frames. Each pair is more than a tool to read better, it is a fashion statement that is sophisticated, fanciful, eco-friendly, affordable and just plain fun-to-wear.

What's your power?

Choosing your power (your diopter or strength) is easy. Learn what strength you need and learn a little about us by following the instructions below.

    1) Remove your eyewear (if you are wearing eyewear) and position your eyes 14" from this chart.
    2) Read our story until you cannot see clearly. You will find your strength to the left of the line that is not clear.
    3) With reading glasses on, you should be able to read the smallest line of type on the eye chart below.

Attention: Ready-to-wear non-prescription glasses are not intended to replace prescribed corrective lenses or examinations by an eye care professional. Continuous eye check-ups are necessary to determine your eye health status and vision needs.

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