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Dentemp 0010705400920

Dentemp Dentool 2 in 1 Instrument Junior

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Dentool Junior 2 in1 Dental Instrument a big punch for oral health with two professional quality, stainless steel instruments in an ultra compact body. Pocket Version of Original Dentool® 4 in 1. Removes Plaque & Tartar to Fight Gingivitis.

Easy to Carry, Easy to Use!
Cap Screws on Base for Full-Size Handle
Flip 'n' Screw Tool Head

Explorer Pik | Dental Scaler
The tool head unscrews and reverses easily to allow access to each professional instrument.

Recommended by Dentists to Increase Health of Teeth & Gums

Mfd. in China to our exact specifications

Questions? 800-238-0220
Screw the cap to the base to create a full-size handle for better control and ease of use. To reverse tool, unscrew the head, flip and rescrew back into the base. The tool head must be firmly screwed in during use.

Explorer Pik
For Food Removal
Start at gum line between the teeth and gently pull pik away from gum line to remove the impacted food. The point should always be at a 90 degree angle to to teeth.

Dental Scaler
For Plaque Removal and Difficult Stain and Tartar Removal
For best results, the face of scaler should be at the angle shown. Scale between teeth, away from the gum. Light to medium pressure should be used. Remove plaque and tartar until the surface is clean and glass-like. Repeat procedure working from inside to outside on both upper and lower teeth.

For Flossing Action

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