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Hylands Muscle Therapy Gel Arnica 3oz

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Pain Relief Gel

Hyland's Muscle Therapy Gel with Arnica provides topical relief of muscle soreness, bruising and swelling due to overexertion or injury. It contains Arnica - the first natural remedy for swelling, bruising and trauma and has a light, pleasant smell. Provides natural, safe and effective pain relief, absorbs quickly and is never greasy.

Key Benefits of Hyland's Muscle Therapy Gel with Arnica:
-Contains Arnica - the first natural pain relief remedy for swelling, bruising, stiffness, joint and muscle soreness and trauma
-Feels great on the skin
-Absorbs quickly
-Never greasy
-No salicylates, counterirritants, capsaicin or glucosamine chondroitin
-100% Natural
-Speedy recovery

Supplement Facts

Directions for Use: Adults and Children 6 years and over: Apply liberally to affected area 3 times daily untill relieved. May be applied directly before strenuous activity or injury.

Active Ingredients
Arnica Montana 2x HPUS - stiffness; pain; trauma; bruising, Hyperpicum Perforatum 3x HPUS - weakness in limbs; joint pain, Ruta Graveolens 3x HPUS - pain in limbs, joints & bones, Ledum Pal 3x HPUS - swelling; aches & pains; inflammation, Bellis Perennis 3x HPUS - muscular soreness; fatigue; sprains

Inactive Ingredients
Purified Water USP, SD Alcohol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Chondrus Crispus (Carrageenan), Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate

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