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What is the Pharmaca pharmacy experience like?

Our pharmacies serve people across the health spectrum, including customers who are on monthly prescriptions that are vital to their everyday health, as well as those that just need those once-a-year antibiotics.   

If you've never used our pharmacy services, here are some reasons our customers love getting their prescriptions at Pharmaca-just in case someday you might need us, too. 

Our pharmacists

A personalized, holistic approach to your care

Our pharmacists are here to talk with you about your prescriptions, potential side effects, drug-herb interactions or drug-nutrient depletion. If you're taking cholesterol-lowering statins, for example, they'll talk to you about the importance of supplementing with CoQ10. Or they'll take a look at your supplement regimen and make sure that nothing you're taking will interfere with the effectiveness of your medications.

"I am so impressed with the customer service and knowledge of your employees. The best benefit is having the pharmacist check on the compatibility of herbal products available and then cross checking to see if there are any side effects, or if another product would be a better blend. "
-Kim, Albuquerque

Our compounding services

Customized dosages and delivery methods

Many of our pharmacists are specially trained to provide compounded medications-with a prescription from your doctor, they'll create the perfect dose of medicines such as pain relievers, hormone replacement therapy or thyroid medication. The benefit is that you get a smaller or larger dose than what is commercially available, whatever suits your needs. This is especially important in a hormone replacement therapy regimen, for example, when hormones need to be precisely balanced.

The other benefit of compounding? We can make medicines in a number of delivery forms. If a pain relief medication is hard on your stomach, we can turn it into an effective topical cream. Or if your child has trouble swallowing their pills, we can offer their medicine in tasty gummies. Pets can even benefit from compounded medications that can be .

"It seems rare to find employees today who are both friendly and knowledgeable...I also appreciate the fact I never have to wait in long lines to fill a prescription. As a consequence of this fact, I recently transferred my prescriptions from Safeway Pharmacy to Pharmaca."
-Marlo, Novato

Our immunizations

Flu, pneumonia and whooping cough vaccinations available anytime

While everyone prepares for cold and flu season differently, many people feel safest when they get vaccinated. The Centers for Disease Control strongly recommends flu shots for certain populations, such as children under 5 or adults over 65, who are most at risk of experiencing severe complications because of the flu. We also provide the DTaP vaccination for California children in grades 7-12, who are now required to get a whooping cough immunization before entering school, as well as travel immunizations for those leaving the country.

To meet these needs, many of our pharmacists are now able to give immunizations on a walk-in basis. In addition, Pharmaca will be holding regular Flu Shot Clinics in the fall months where customers can count on a convenient way to get immunized and get their flu questions answered.

"All the staff at Pharmaca are super knowledgeable and helpful. The pharmacy staff really look out for their customers. I have transferred all my prescriptions to Pharmaca because of this. I love the rewards program and it inspires me to buy all my vitamins and drugstore needs from them instead of going to Vons or CVS."
-Nicki, La Jolla

Our environment

Hot tea, comfortable chairs and soft lighting

If you don't feel like browsing the rest of the store while your prescription is filled, you can take advantage of our warm and inviting tea room, a fixture in every Pharmaca store. Read through educational materials, sip a cup of tea or simply take a load off in the midst of your busy day. It's just one more way that Pharmaca sets itself apart from all those other pharmacies.  

"I switched my prescriptions to Pharmaca because of their calm, inviting environment. It's great to have a place to go where I can get knowledgeable help with nutritional supplements and vitamins. "
-Jonathan, Wallingford

If you haven't experienced the Pharmaca pharmacy, bring your next prescription to us. You'll be amazed at what we have to offer.
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