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Bucky Buckwheat Bed Pillow

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A comfortable pillow is so important to secure a good night's sleep! Hull pillows maintain proper spinal alignment while keeping you comfortable. Bucky uses only premium and natural hulls and best of all, they are hypoallergenic and eco-friendly. Hulls shift and adjust to cradle your head and neck with perfect pressure-relieving and passive support even as you shift positions during sleep. They allow ventilation providing you with a cool and dry pillow all night. They are the natural choice for healthy, restorative and ergonomically correct sleep. To personalize your comfort level, simply unzip the outer cover and inner liner to add or remove filling. The Buckwheat Bed Pillow comes complete with a zippered, 100% cotton pillowcase.

Care: Remove pillowcase. Machine wash cold. No bleach. Tumble dry low. Do not wash hull filling.
Size: 20"x 15"
Weight: 5.8 lbs.
Material: Pillowcase: 100% Cotton, Liner: 100% Polyester, Filling: 100% Buckwheat Hulls

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Great solution
My husband had been suffering from neck pain for months. He tried several new pillows and nothing worked. He was willing to try this. He said when he first put his head down it felt weird but he can nestle his head right in and go to sleep. After 3 weeks, neck pain is completely resolved.

1/10/2014 11:42 AM
David Burggraff

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