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Sanitas Sensitive Skin Cleanser 200ml

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Sanítas Sensitive Skin Cleanser is a gentle, soap free, resting cleanser formulated for irritated or sensitive skin. Sensitive Skin Cleanser supports the skin's natural immune process and is perfect for skin that is prone to allergic reactions. It is the ideal cleanser for use after laser, peel or microdermabrasion treatments.

  • Gentle cleanser, free of fragrance and harsh surfactants
  • Perfect for rosacea, inflamed acne, reactive or allergenic skin
  • Ideal for post laser, peel or microdermabrasion treatments
  • Removes impurities while providing extra hydration to skin

Key Ingredients

  • Beta Glucan - Improves immune function, stimulates tissue growth, protects skin from photodamage and enhances moisture absorption which supports stratum corneum hydration

About Sanitas Skincare:

Sanitas believes that natural is nice but BIOGENIC is better! "Natural" is primarily marketing jargon. To a chemist, everything is natural, including poison ivy and cow manure! Biogenic ingredients are substances found in biology and naturally found in the skin. These ingredients respect millions of years of evolution and leverage existing reactions in the body so only a small amount is needed to enhance biochemistry. Sanitas products contain mainly active, biogenic ingredients such as PCA, squalane, alpha hydroxy acids, hyaluronic acid, beta glucan, peptides and fatty vitamins. Sanitas products are paraben and preservative free.

  • Vegetable oils do not moisturize the skin and will actually prevent the skin from getting the moisture it needs from ambient humidity. In addition, vegetable oils contain fatty acids, which can be very unstable. When these fatty acids are exposed to oxygen or light, free radicals are created and can actually accelerate the aging process. The only oil they use topically at Sanitas is Jojoba Oil, a non-vegetable oil, which has a lipid profile that is very similar to human sebum. The bottom line is vegetable oils are not functional on skin or in skin care products, and they don't use them in Sanitas skin care products.
  • Many skin care products use long ingredient decks, excipients, fillers and vehicles with perhaps 1% to 2% of the product containing active materials. Sanitas products contain pharmaceutical dosages of biogenic ingredients with high amounts of actives. In fact, some Sanitas products are 100% active.
  • Sanitas products limit the use of waxes, emulsifying agents and synthetic moisturizers like stearic acid and isopropyl palmitate. Emulsifying agents are designed to pull water and oil together to create a stable cosmetic preparation. The problem with emulsifying agents is your skin is also oil and water. These ingredients will pull the oil and water out of your skin resulting in irritation and dryness. You don't need them on your skin!
  • Sanitas doesn't overformulate their products - they utilize just a few key active materials with just enough vehicle to make the product usable.
  • Sanitas topical skincare products are 100% kosher certified.
Vegetable glycerin, sodium lauryl glucosides, hydroxypropyl sulfonate, beta glucan.

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