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About Superior Source Products

Pharmaca carries Superior Source vitamins and supplements, including Balance B Complex, No Shot Vitamin B12, Slumber Helper, GABA, Biotin and more. Superior Source vitamins deliver nutrients using MicroLingual tablets that dissolve under the tongue and are quickly and efficiently absorbed by the body. Superior Source products target energy production, heart health, sleep aid and circulatory system health.

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Superior Source Biotin 1,000mcg 100 tablets
$8.99save 15%
Now $7.64
Superior Source Melatonin 3mg 60 tablets
$6.99save 15%
Now $5.94
Superior Source Women's B Complex 60 tablets
$6.99save 15%
Now $5.94
Superior Source Melatonin 1mg 100 tablets
$6.49save 15%
Now $5.52
Superior Source Melatonin 5mg 60 tablets
$9.99save 15%
Now $8.49
Superior Source Balance B Complex 60 sublinguals
$7.99save 15%
Now $6.79
Superior Source Folic Acid Extra Strength 1200mcg 100 sublinguals
$6.99save 15%
Now $5.94