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About TheraPearl Products

TheraPearl products at Pharmaca are perfect for treating sprains, swelling, carpal tunnel, arthritis and tendinitis. TheraPearl wraps may be frozen or microwaved to soothe sore muscles and joints quickly and effectively. Pharmaca’s selection of TheraPearl wraps includes the Neck Wrap, Back Wrap, Eye-ssential Mask, Knee Wrap, Shin Wrap and Contour Wrap. We also carry TheraPearl kids therapeutic wraps like Pearl the Pig and Ribbit the Frog.

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TheraPearl Hot/Cold Sports Pack
TheraPearl Hot/Cold Eye-ssential Mask
TheraPearl Hot/Cold Pal - Ribbit the Frog
TheraPearl Hot/Cold Pal - Pearl the Pig
TheraPearl Hot/Cold Pal - Ping the Panda
TheraPearl Hot/Cold Pal - Buddy the Puppy