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Pillar Candles

About Tru Melange Products

Tru Melange candles and diffusers available at Pharmaca offer an authentic aromatherapy experience, helping to relieve stress, promote relaxation or create an intimate setting. Pharmaca’s selection of Tru Melange candles use natural ingredients like beeswax and soy combined with floral bouquets and essential oils. Tru Melange candles come in scents like Uplifting, Evening Peace, Aphrodisia, Inspiration, Love, Reflection, Harmony and more.

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Tru Melange Beeswax Glass Jar Candle - Refresh 7oz
$14.99save 10%
Now $13.49
Tru Melange Beeswax Glass Jar Candle - Uplifting 7oz
$14.99save 10%
Now $13.49