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About Twist Products

Twist loofahs and sponges are made from renewable, sustainable and biodegradable materials that get your dishes clean without damaging the environment. Twist Scouring Pads, Loofah Scrubbys and Sponges are dye-free and plant-based, while still being durable and tough on stains and grease.

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Twist Scrub Sponges 3 pack
Twist Loofah Scrubby
Twist Loofah Dishwand
Twist Naked Sponge Medium
Twist Loofah Sponge #50
Twist Euro Sponge #10
Twist Naked Sponge #55
Twist Euro Sponge Cloth 3 pack
Twist Loofah Dishwand Replacement Heads 2 pack