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Decent Man's Lint Mitts with Sweater Saver 15 count

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Because Guys Love Their Pets. These mitts do not catch baseballs.

  • Remove pet hair, dandruff, dust & fuzz
  • TSA friendly
  • Contains 15 sticky man-size mitts and a travel size Sweater Saver

Keep In:

  • Glove compartment
  • Desk
  • Bag
Lint Mitts
To look sharp: simply slide your hand into the man-size Lint Mitt, remove protective backing and whisk away pet hair, dandruff, dust and fuzz.

Sweater Saver
To look sharp: Instantly renew sweaters! Lightly rub an edge of the sweater brick over your garment and watch it grad nubs and fuzz (AKA "pilling").

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