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Xlear Personal Care 4 Results

Personal Care

About Xlear Spry Products

Xclear nasal and dental care products contain xylitol, which has been researched extensively and has been shown in clinical studies to be effective in relieving nasal discomfort as well as promoting good dental health. Xclear xylitol products are safe, non-addicting, natural and great tasting. Pharmaca carries Xclear floss, oral mist spray, toothpaste, and nasal spray.

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Xlear Spry Sponge Floss with Xylitol 40m
$3.99save 15%
Now $3.39
Xlear Spry Rain Oral Mist Spray for Dry Mouth with Xylitol 4.5oz
$13.99save 14%
Now $11.99
Xlear Spry Toothpaste with Xylitol - Spearmint 4oz
$5.29save 15%
Now $4.49
Xlear Spry Fluoride-Free Toothpaste with Xylitol - Peppermint 4oz
$5.29save 15%
Now $4.49