About our expert wellness team

All you have to do is ask.

Pharmaca hires certified practitioners from a range of specialties—who have extensive education and experience in their fields—to provide customers with guidance throughout the store.

Whether you’re looking for a specific product or just need some guidance about a particular health issue, our professional staff is available to assist you with your everyday health care questions.


Responsible for filling and dispensing prescriptions and responding to customer’s informational requests as needed.


A primary care physician who treats illness in a holistic and natural manner, especially through optimizing the body’s own healing systems. They focus on achieving overall wellness rather than simply treating symptoms.


A holistic practitioner who attempts to stimulate the body to heal itself using specific homeopathic remedies.


A holistic healer who applies the study of plants and their health benefits to medical practice. The main types of herbalists are Western, Indigenous, Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic (East Indian), classified by the region of their plant specialty.


Uses manipulative techniques, or adjustments, to increase joint movement, especially of the spine. Treatment doesn’t include pharmaceutical medications or surgery.


A practitioner of a traditional form of medicine from India that focuses on balancing the body’s energy with the help of food and lifestyle changes, as well as traditional, Indian herbs.


Uses special needles and other manipulative forms of therapy to restore energy flow to various parts of the body.


Uses manipulation of the soft tissue to improve health and wellness.

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