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Mineral Power, Skin Care Expertise.

AHAVA is the definitive Dead Sea Minerals beauty expert, bringing innovation to every one of its products. As the only beauty company located on the shores of the Dead Sea, AHAVA’s mission is to harness the Dead Sea’s most extraordinary ingredients to create effective products for consumers worldwide.

Among the most innovative: the Osmoter, a carefully balanced concentrate of Dead Sea minerals with the power to restore skin’s vitality, enhancing its natural ability to retain moisture.

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Product Information

Ahava offers a robust portfolio of body care that addresses skin’s moisture, health and vitality. Look for products in the following lines:

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Ahava’s signature ingredient, the Osmoter, offers a variety of serious skin benefits that can only come from the power of Dead Sea minerals.

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Angel Cullen

“I am so pleasantly surprised at the results after only three days—so I cannot wait to see the results after continued use. I see a marked change in my skin’s radiance, and feel it helps makes my skin look more refreshed and younger. The immediate softness of my skin after using it is amazing, and I believe I will be forever hooked on this product!”

Cheryl Lanier

“I noticed after one day using this serum that my whole face looked lighter, and even small blemish spots were healed and reduced in size in addition to smoother skin and pores.”

Lisa McFarland

“My skin feels soft and smooth all day. It doesn’t get dry and flaky, which also helps keep my makeup looking great all day. My skin tone looks clear and even—which I love! It looks good even without makeup on, which is great for the weekends. No more ruddy cheeks!”

Patricia Pannell

“This product really delivered fantastic results in a short time. My skin was definitely softer and more youthful looking!! Good work AHAVA, another great product, lovin’ it, thanks!”

Wendy Ackerman

“At age 72 I have been lucky to have my mother’s and grandmother’s good skin, but I was starting to really look drained and flat. Your products definitely have improved the appearance and feel of my skin. It is beginning to look alive.”

Carla Hoffman

“My face feels like it did when I was 12 years old. It feels so hydrated and happy. It has a glow that makes my skin tone look even, it is so soft and smooth, plus it helped to diminish my fine lines.”

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At Pharmaca, you’ll find AHAVA skin care products that feature therapeutic Dead Sea minerals that clear skin, hydrate skin, smooth skin and revitalize skin. These AHAVA products target dry skin, sensitive skin, inflamed skin and normal skin with vitamins, minerals and nutrients extracted from the Dead Sea. Pharmaca carries AHAVA products including Dead Sea Osmoter Concentrate, Mineral Botanic Body Wash, Active Moisture Gel Cream, Dead Sea Mineral Body Exfoliator, Mineral Shower creams and more.