Prescription Compounding

Just what the doctor ordered.

Many of Pharmaca’s pharmacy staff members have received special training in compounding techniques from the Professional Compounding Centers of America and Spectrum Laboratories. Working closely with your doctor, this allows them to modify prescribed medications to a specific strength, dosage form or allergen-free formula when a doctor recommends doing so. 

Our registered compounding pharmacists can turn prescribed medications into topical ointments, tasty formulations for kids, or even create applications for your pet. Speak with your doctor if you need a specific strength, dosage form or allergen-free formula that is not readily available in commercially sold options.

Compounded drugs that can be prepared by Pharmaca pharmacists include:

•    Pain medications in a variety of delivery methods
•    Thyroid replacement therapy
•    Specially flavored compounds for children and pets
•    Dermatological compounds
•    Hormones for both women and men

About Hormone Replacement Therapy
One of the most common usages of compounded prescriptions is hormone replacement therapy (HRT).  

An important benefit of choosing hormone replacement therapy through a compounding pharmacy like Pharmaca is that our pharmacists have the ability to adjust dosages, delivery methods and combinations of necessary hormones. Hormones may be made into creams that can be applied to a local area (such as a topical estrogen), embedded into transdermal patches or combined into single pills.  

Pharmaca is proud to offer compounding services at most of our locations
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