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Crane Humidifiers & Vaporizers

Find Crane brand humidifiers and vaporizers. We carry cute humidifiers for children and compact designs for adults. Crane offers cool mist and warm steam humidifiers to fit your individual needs. If you live in a dry area, humidifiers or vaporizers are a necessity to overall wellbeing, so purchase a quality brand you can trust. Pharmaca’s selection of crane humidifiers includes adorable animal humidifiers, such as penguin, owl, frog and elephant humidifiers.

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Crane USA Humidifier Filter for Animal Styles
Crane USA Humidifier Filter for Drop Shape Styles
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Now $5.49
Crane USA Drop Humidifier - Aqua
Crane USA Drop Humidifier - Grey
Crane USA Adorable Humidifier - Red Dragon
Crane USA Warm Steam Vaporizer - Yellow
Crane USA Warm Steam Vaporizer - Blue
Crane USA Warm Steam Vaporizer - Pink
Crane USA Adorable Air Purifier - Penguin
Crane USA Adorable Humidifier - Elephant
Crane USA Adorable Humidifier - Frog
Crane USA Adorable Humidifier - Owl
Crane USA Drop Humidifier - Green
Crane USA Drop Humidifier - White