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French Vanilla

About Designer Whey Products

Designer Whey leads the way to faster muscle recovery and increased energy for your workouts. Offering a variety of delicious, specially formulated protein powders in flavors such as French Vanilla, Gourmet Chocolate, and Plain and Simple, Designer Whey can help you build lean muscle, curb hunger, and boost energy—all in 100 or less good-for-you calories per serving. You'll taste the difference, feel the difference, and see the difference.

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Designer Whey Whey Protein Powder - French Vanilla 12oz
$20.79save 45%
Now $11.43
Designer Whey Whey Protein Powder - French Vanilla 2lbs
$49.95save 45%
Now $27.47
Designer Whey Fit & Trim Protein Powder - French Vanilla 283g
$18.97save 50%
Now $9.49