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Pharmaca is proud to offer unique products from brands that pair sustainably sourced natural ingredients with cutting-edge research to provide customers with clean, safe products—that actually work.

Gaia Herbs

Gaia Herbs has been carefully growing and crafting their effective herbal formulas for more than 25 years. The resulting formulas are an expression of the healing power of nature, maximizing the purity, integrity and potency of each herb. Gaia Herbs has also led the traceability movement, establishing the MeetYourHerb program that provides a full history of the product, from harvesting to packaging. MORE ABOUT GAIA HERBS ›


Founder Suzanne LeRoux left a career as an attorney in Georgia to turn her attention to natural skin care. The result is an ECOCERT-Certified line of skin care that the press (and celebs) love! Suzanne and her team use powerful vitamins, innovative ingredients and organic nutrients—like chia seeds and Barbary Fig plant stem cells—to purify, nourish and erase the ravages of time. MORE ABOUT ONE LOVE ORGANICS ›


This line of medicinal mushrooms features mushrooms sourced from the pristine Olympic Rainforest, grown on Host Defense’s certified organic farm and harvested at the peak point in their life cycle to ensure the most comprehensive array of nutrients. The resulting supplements blend modern science with ancient traditions. Host Defense has also committed funding to help investigate Colony Collapse Disorder, and how medicinal mushrooms may strengthen honeybees’ immune systems.MORE ABOUT HOST DEFENSE ›


After founding the ground-breaking Aveda hair care, Horst Rechelbacher left to pursue a new mission: next-level, certified organic, inside-and-out beauty. The result was Intelligent Nutrients, the first USDA Certified Organic hair care line. The IN line now encompasses a variety of skin and body care that uses aromatherapy, plant stem cell science and food-grade ingredients to nurture the skin back to health. MORE ABOUT INTELLIGENT NUTRIENTS ›


MegaFood believes that nutrition is best when it comes from fresh, ripe-harvested whole foods. They now source fruits, veggies and grains from family-run farms committed to ethical, caring farming practices, and use their signature Slo-Food Process to ensure maximum potency in their supplements. We’re thrilled that IHAB member Dr. Tieraona Low Dog, MD, recently worked with MegaFood to create innovative new vitamin formulations based on her nutritional expertise. MORE ABOUT MEGAFOOD ›


Founder Annie Tevelin worked for years as a makeup artist, struggled with problem skin, then got a degree in cosmetic chemistry so she could tackle her skin care issues on her own terms. She then traveled the world to find unique ingredients—think mangosteen from Vietnam or bergamot from Italy—to put into her line of pure, minimalist formulas that effectively treat everything from dryness to acne to rosacea. MORE ABOUT SKINOWL ›


Created by nationally known herbalist Catherine Hunziker, WishGarden Herbs produces a variety of natural herbal formulas that soothe, nurture, and naturally support our bodies. They also offer alcohol-free formulations that are safe for pregnant women and children—making them an ideal solution for every member of the family. And because their formulas make use of culinary herbs, they taste great, too!MORE ABOUT WISHGARDEN HERBS ›


After years of struggling with problem skin, Paula Begoun took matters into her own hands and dove headfirst into the world skin care. She carefully researched what worked and what didn’t, began writing books about it and finally applied her expertise to her own skin care line. That’s how Paula’s Choice began in 1995, and the line continues to expand to accommodate new research and skin care concerns. MORE ABOUT PAULA’S CHOICE ›


Evan Healy brings a storied background in esthetics, aromatherapy, Ayurveda and homeopathy to her unique skin care that supports the skin’s own natural ability to achieve balance and “breathe.” That’s why she uses only pure botanical ingredients harvested from small growers that Evan personally oversees—to ensure each formulation is free of synthetic ingredients that might interfere with the skin’s natural processes. MORE ABOUT EVANHEALY ›


An industry leader for more than 30 years, Thorne Research produces high-quality, doctor-trusted supplements that serve a variety of health needs. Their supplements are also hypo-allergenic and free of other fillers that can inhibit absorption. Thorne recently announced a clinical study agreement with the Mayo Clinic, and has been a key supporter of education on naturopathic and integrative medicine.MORE ABOUT THORNE RESEARCH ›


John Masters started his hair care line more than 20 years ago with a simple mission: creating super natural products, made with the finest wild-harvested botanicals, that provide unparalleled care for the hair. The expanded line now includes skin care that’s also packed with certified organic ingredients (nothing artificial) and sumptuous botanical oils. Did we mention that celebs love this line? MORE ABOUT JOHN MASTERS ORGANICS ›