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About EO Products

Pharmaca carries EO soap, EO shampoo and EO conditioner for your organic hair care and shower needs. EO products at Pharmaca include Everyone Soap for Kids and adults, French Lavender Shower Gel, Hand Sanitizer, Bubble Bath, French Lavender Body Lotion and more. EO’s natural shower products enhance your wellbeing and naturally enhance your beauty, and are paraben free, polysorbate free and sulfate free.

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EO Hand Sanitizer Spray Lavender Organic 2oz
EO Hand Sanitizer Spray Lavender Organic .33oz
EO Hand Sanitizer Spray Peppermint Organic 2oz
EO Shampoo French Lavender 8oz
EO Shampoo Rose Chamomile 8oz
EO Conditioner French Lavender 8oz
EO Hand Soap French Lavender 12oz
EO Body Lotion French Lavender 8oz
EO Body Lotion Grapefruit Mint 8oz
EO Conditioner Rose & Chamomile 8oz
EO Body Lotion Rose Chamomile 8oz
EO Hand Sanitizer Gel -Lavender 8oz
EO Hand Soap Peppermint Tea Tree 12oz