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What is drug nutrient depletion?
The body can experience reduced levels of important vitamins and minerals due to factors like genetics, poor diet, or high stress. However, studies have shown that long-term use of certain medications can also cause nutrient depletions, sometimes leading to additional symptoms. Read more...

Esberitox: Super-charged Immunity
Discover why Esberitox is a top-selling immune remedy in Europe...

10 tips for a healthy summer
Enjoy the many pleasures of this season with 10 simple tips for staying healthy...

The ABCs of vitamin D
As many as 70% of American teens and adults are thought to be deficient in vitamin D--often called the sunshine vitamin--since it is difficult to get from diet alone and most people are limiting their unprotected sun exposure. Research over the past 10 years has demonstrated vitamin D's critical role in overall health, making these deficiencies a matter of increasing concern.

A guy's guide to health and happiness
Our stores provide a full range of products that support men's health so you can feel great and get on your way...

Almost guiltless Valentine's treats
Find out more about the healthier side of chocolate...

The antioxidant advantage
Help your body combat naturally occurring free radicals with a boost from the antioxidant department. To find out more about enhancing our antioxidant intake, we spoke with Asia Real, certified nutritionist at our Pacific Palisades store.

A prescription for clear skin
There's good news for anyone who is frustrated by mild to severe acne-treatment can resolve almost every case...

Outdoor entertaining
Want to throw a killer outdoor party? We've got recipes to wow your guests, candles to set the mood and music to keep everyone entertained...

Better breast health
Natural ways to reduce your risk of breast cancer...

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