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Naturally Confident: The new color collection by jane iredale - the skin care makeup
Revealing your inner and outer beauty this fall is easy with the jane iredale Naturally Confident Collection. With eye shadows handpicked to flatter warm and cool complexions, three dual ended lip stains and a soft and delicate highlighter, the expressive combinations are endless.

Oxylent: Premium immune support, with the benefits of bubbles!
Oxylent offers superior-quality and science-backed nutrients-at levels needed to support optimal health-in an effervescent form that offers nearly 100 percent bioavailability.

The aging-inflammation connection
Everyone's talking about inflammation these days. Many experts now believe that the greater our inflammatory response over our lifetime-due to childhood illness, exposure to toxins, etc.-the more likely we are to have health problems later in life.

Video: The importance of maintaining magnesium levels
Dr. Ross Pelton discusses the special needs of women taking oral contraceptives, emphasizing the need to maintain a proper calcium/magnesium balance for good bone density and to help avoid osteoporosis. He also explains how blood pressure medications can deplete magnesium and contribute to cardiovascular disease or even heart attacks.

Video: Myths about natural medicine
Dr. Murray briefly debunks the myths that natural medicine has no scientific evidence.

Video: How prescription drugs work
Dr. Murray uses an example of arthritis medication to briefly explain how prescription drugs work.

Video: Adverse drug reactions
Dr. Murray briefly explains the side effects caused by adverse drug reactions.

Video: Nutritional deficiencies and skin health
Ben Fuchs explores how nutritional deficiencies can affect our skin health.

Video: What is integrative medicine?
Dr. Bonakdar explains the basis of integrative medicine, a blend of all modes of healing, from traditional Western methods to herbs.

Video: Nutrition and natural health
Sunny Griffin discusses the connections between disease and nutrition.

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