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lavender essential oil

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EO Everyone Aromatherapy Single Pure Essential Oil Lavender 0.45oz
$9.99save 15%
Now $8.49
Aura Cacia Lavender Tea Tree Essential Oil 0.5oz
$19.99save 20%
Now $15.99
Aura Cacia Organic Lavender Essential Oil 0.25oz
$14.69save 20%
Now $11.69
NOW Foods Lavender Oil 1oz
$11.99save 27%
Now $8.75
NOW Foods Lavender Oil 4oz
$34.99save 27%
Now $25.54
Mrs. Meyer's Room Freshener - Lavender 8oz
$4.99save 14%
Now $4.29
Pharmaca Essential Oil Blend Be Calm Lavender 10ml
$6.99save 20%
Now $5.59
Pharmaca Essential Oil of Lavender French 2oz
$29.99save 20%
Now $23.99
Pharmaca Essential Oil of Lavender Bulgarian 10ml
$8.99save 20%
Now $7.19
Pharmaca Essential Oil of Lavender French 10ml
$9.99save 20%
Now $7.99
Pharmaca Floral Water Spritzer Lavender 4oz
$6.99save 20%
Now $5.59
Aura Cacia Air Freshener Lavender
$14.99save 20%
Now $11.99
Aura Cacia Air Freshener Refill Lavender
$6.99save 20%
Now $5.59