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About Little Twig Products

Pharmaca carries Little Twig baby wash, bubble bath and gift baskets, including Calming Lavender Shampoo, Conditioning Detangler, Happy Tangerine Bubble Bath and the Baby Wash Essentials gift set. Little Twig products are made with organic ingredients that are safe for babies, and feature nourishing essential oils that moisturize and soothe skin. Little Twig products are phthalate free, paraben free, sulfate free, non-irritating and free of synthetic fragrances.

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Little Twig Shampoo - Calming Lavender 8.5oz
$9.99save 25%
Now $7.49
Little Twig Baby Wash - Calming Lavender 17oz
$14.49save 25%
Now $10.86
Little Twig Baby Wash - Happy Tangerine 17oz
$14.47save 25%
Now $10.85
Little Twig Conditioning Detangler - Calming Lavender 8.5oz
$10.99save 25%
Now $8.24
Little Twig Shampoo - Happy Tangerine 8.5oz
$9.97save 25%
Now $7.47
Little Twig Bubble Bath Extra Mild - Unscented 17oz
$14.97save 25%
Now $11.22
Little Twig Bubble Bath - Calming Lavender 17oz
$14.99save 25%
Now $11.24
Little Twig Bubble Bath - Happy Tangerine 17oz
$14.99save 25%
Now $11.24
Little Twig Conditioning Detangler - Happy Tangerine 8.5oz
$10.99save 25%
Now $8.24