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metagenics omega 3

Metagenics Products

Metagenics supplements are scientifically engineered “lifestyle medicine.” By taking into account your body’s genetic strengths and weaknesses, Metagenics improves overall health and wellness the natural way. Pharmaca has an assortment of Metagenics products to accommodate all the needs of our customers, including products for blood sugar support, bone and joint support, cardiovascular health, digestive support, pain relief, men’s health and women’s health. At Pharmaca, you can find great Metagenics products like Metagenics Ultra Clear, Fish Oil, FolaPro, Metagest, Probiotics, Ultrameal, Advaclear, MyoCalm, Glutagenics and many more.

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Metagenics EPA-DHA 720 Lemon 120 softgels
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Metagenics EPA-DHA Extra Strength Enteric Coated 60 Softgels
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Metagenics EPA-DHA 6:1 Enteric Coated 90 softgels
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