Napa Staff


Mark James, R.Ph., Pharmacy Manager
Mark graduated from Duquesne University School of Pharmacy in 1977, and has 35 years experience in pharmacy. He worked in hospital pharmacy for 17 years and, more recently, worked for Rite Aid before joining Pharmaca in Napa.


Theodore Leung, Pharm.D.
Theo has been a practicing pharmacist in CA for three years. He is a graduate of UC - Berkeley and earned a Pharm.D. from Midwestern University. Theo’s professional goal is to improve medication usage by Sonoma residents and visitors. He strives to always have an efficient and well-run pharmacy, where a pharmacist is always available to give information and advice.


China Rose R., Certified Nutritional Therapist, Certified Clinical Herbalist, Lead Practitioner
China Rose was trained as a clinical herbalist by the Southwest School of Botanical Medicine and furthered her education with the Living Awareness Institute and the Nutritional Therapy Association. She has worked in the natural products industry for the last 13 years, and loves getting to introduce people to holistic health care every day. Due to her affinity for hormonal health, her focuses include stress reduction, hormonal balance for women, infertility, reducing menopausal symptoms, and educating about male hormone imbalance. In her private practice she supports people of all ages through food, lifestyle, and herbal counseling.


A.J. R., Wellness Counselor
A.J. has been a part of the natural products industry for 17 years and has worked for Pharmaca since 2001. She completed certifications as both a nurse’s assistant and as a sports nutritionist with the International Sports Science Association in 2004. In addition A.J. has developed extensive product knowledge through in-depth training with many natural product companies. Her passion lies in helping people navigate their way through their supplement options and offering diet and lifestyle counseling.


Nazahah R., Certified Herbalist and Nutritionist, Assistant Manager
Nazahah is a certified clinical herbalist and nutritionist, with an educational background in nursing, herbalism, nutrition and spiritual/energetic healing. She has a master’s degree from USHS and USF in herbalism and spiritual healing. With over 25 years experience in practice, she teaches at the college and university level to nurses and holds private classes on plants and nutrition. She specializes in chronic conditions such as autoimmune disorders, cancer and women’s health.

Sylvie N

Sylvie N., MA, CNE, Nutritionist
Sylvie holds a Master’s degree in Holistic Health Education from John F. Kennedy University and was certified in Nutrition Education from Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts. Her passion is in helping people to achieve and maintain a healthy weight, and to learn to overcome cravings and self-destructive eating patterns. A recovering yo-yo dieter, Sylvie is now at peace with her body and teaches her clients how to nourish themselves with whole foods and self-love.


Isabelle H., Licensed Cosmetologist and Lead Esthetician
Isabelle graduated from the Vintage Academy of Hair Design in 2007. She is excited to share her knowledge about skin care and make up with our customers.

Nicole H

Nicole H., Cosmetologist
Nicole received her cosmetology license through Solano Community College in Fairfield, Calif. There she discovered her passion for esthetics, later pursing specialized training at the International Dermal Institute. She has broad experience in European facial techniques, sun damaged and aging skin, rosacea and acne, advanced skin care analysis and various other treatments and conditions. Over the years she has come to realize the importance of not only being careful of what goes into the body, but also to what is being applied to it, in order to learn the true meaning of natural beauty.