Quality Assurance Practices at Pharmaca

Look to Pharmaca for products you can trust.

At Pharmaca, we believe that we have a responsibility to our customers to offer the highest quality products available. To ensure this quality, we ask our vendors to comply with Vendor Quality Assurance Guidelines:

  • Pharmaca requires that all suppliers of dietary supplements and homeopathic medicines verify their quality assurance practices according to our Vendor Quality Assurance Practice Standards (VQAP).
  • Verification can be done through an on-site audit done by Pharmaca staff, or proof that an independent third party cGMP program has audited the manufacturer in the last 12 months.
  • Re-verification is necessary every three to five years, depending on VQAP compliance.

    Audits assess the following:
    • Identity for all raw materials via in-house or qualified laboratory testing
    • In-house, qualified laboratory or validated supplier Certificate of Analysis for:
      • identity, microbiological and heavy metal contaminants (NSF, USP or AHPA limits)
      • pesticides/herbicides (for applicable botanicals)
      • aflatoxins (when applicable)
      • melamine (when applicable)
      • potency (when applicable)
    • Use of most appropriate testing methodologies when testing for identity, microbiologicals, heavy metals, pesticides/herbicides (for botanicals), aflatoxins, melamine and residual solvents
    • All methodologies will be compendia methods and/or scientifically valid methods
    • Acceptable supplier and contract manufacturer qualification consisting of:
      • demonstrated cGMP compliance
      • on-site audit or established historical relationship
      • initial validation of certificate of analyses (CoA) for raw ingredients.
    • In addition to supplier CoA, identity is tested on each batch of raw materials or finished product and all other analytical tests [microbiology, heavy metals, pesticides/herbicides (non-organic), solvents (concentrates)] are completed on at least every fifth batch/lot or, if less than 5 lots, at least once annually. Potency-testing procedure for finished products in place and in use
    • Evident knowledge of industry-known common adulterants and contaminants, and sufficient testing to guarantee the absence of these adulterants and contaminants in finished products by conducting full confirmation testing
    • SOP demonstration of controlled manufacturing processes for all finished products
    • Specifications for all raw material and finished products and documented usage of these specifications
    • A stability program is in use to ensure that all finished products meet label claim throughout their shelf life
    • Products contain active ingredients in sufficient quantities to be clinically effective
    • Evidence of total quality (e.g. research and product development, product formulation, sustainable environmental practices, clinical trial support, good business practices)

Pharmaca also places a strong emphasis on professional-quality supplements from vendors who are known throughout the industry for their standards for purity, quality and efficacy. These manufacturers include: 

  • Integrative Therapeutics, Inc.
  • Metagenics
  • Seroyal/Pharmax
  • Pure Encapsulations
  • Thorne Research
  • Vital Nutrients