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La Jolla

7650 Girard Avenue

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Store Events


Join us for our Sleep Well event!
Supplements and strategies for better sleep, naturally!
Saturday, April 4, 11am-3pm

FREE 10-minute chair massage
FREE Pharmaca Aromatherapy Sweet Dreams Roll-On with $125 purchase*
BIG SAVINGS on event day: $10 & $20 coupons*
FREE product samples

*Limitations apply. See store for details.

March Events

Balance Your Hormones Naturally
Saturday, March 7, 1pm-2pm
Samantha Conboy, Certified Classical Homeopath
Frustrated by the ups and downs of your hormones? Come learn about how to ease symptoms of PMS, menopause and perimenopause with homeopathy—and take charge of your hormonal health naturally.

Pilates & Empowerment
Saturday, March 28, 1pm-2pm
Laura Sepulveda, BS MS, Craniosacral Therapist
Sure, Pilates can feel refreshing and energizing. But it can also empower you personally and professionally! Join us as we talk about the connection between body and mind, and how enhancing posture can elevate self-confidence. Laura will also demonstrate some simple exercises to take into spring with you.

Upcoming Events

Getting a Good Night's Sleep
Saturday, April 4, 1pm-2pm
Regina Di Silvestro, Chemist, Herbalist
Discover simple ways to get a better night's sleep! Learn about supplements, herbs and nutrition that can support healthy sleep.

Beyond Relaxation: Benefits of Therapeutic Massage
Saturday, April 25, 1pm-2pm
Debora Gonzalez, Massage Therapist
Learn how massage can alleviate pain related to conditions such as migraines, TMJ, frozen neck and shoulders, rotator cuff syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome, hip dysplasia, bursitis, bulging discs, knee pains, plantar fasciitis, hammer toes and more! Participants will enjoy a free analysis and 5-minute massage.

Ongoing Events

Pharmacist Consultations
Pharmaca Pharmacists
Every day, 9am–7pm
Bring your questions about prescriptions, vaccinations, compounding and more to our pharmacists or techs.

Complimentary Blood Pressure Screening
Pharmaca Pharmacists
Every day, 9am–7pm
Have your blood pressure checked and learn how to control chronically elevated blood pressure.

B12 Shots
Pharmaca NDs
Mondays, 11:30am–3:30pm
Thursdays, 12–4pm
No appointment needed. Cost is $15.

Additional Store Information

Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy in La Jolla, California

Pharmaca La Jolla is a natural pharmacy dedicated to providing Californians who embrace alternative health wellness with the best natural and organic products on the market. Pharmaca’s La Jolla location is a rich source of unique herbs, supplements and personal items, as well as the over the counter medications and prescription medicines you would find at any other quality wellness center.

This Pharmaca location prides itself on being unique in many ways. Not only will this organic pharmacy in La Jolla provide you with expert service, you can also fill prescriptions and seek the advice of medical doctors, homeopaths, herbalists and licensed estheticians.

Pharmaca in La Jolla, CA is located on Girard Avenue in between Torrey Pines Road and Prospect Street. Stop in for ongoing services such as complimentary blood pressure screenings and prescription consultations. Make sure to visit often for their specialty events, changing each month. Pharmaca's natural pharmacy is La Jolla is your source for the wellness products you are looking for.

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Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy

Best Health Food Store in La Jolla

Thanks for choosing Pharmaca as the 2009 Best Health Food Store in La Jolla! 

Our Practitioners

La Jolla Staff

John R

John Rose, Pharm.D., Pharmacy Manager
John received his doctorate in pharmacy from the University of California -San Francisco, and he has worked in community pharmacy for seven years. John has a diverse background that includes teaching, research and publication, and lobbying for health care reform in Washington, D.C. However, he is most passionate about integrative community pharmacy and the people he touches on a daily basis.


Anne S., Herbalist, Lead Practitioner
Anne is a second-generation native San Diegan and mother of three. She is a Registered Professional Herbalist with the American Herbalist Guild, with training and experience in both Western and Eastern modalities. She is a graduate of Self Heal School and the East West School of Herbal Medicine. Along with a private practice specializing in women and children (though not exclusive to them), Anne also teaches classes in herbal medicine and nutritional health. She is happy to be part of the La Jolla team, assisting customers in finding balance in their health and learning how to use herbs and nutrition for their overall wellbeing.


Susan B., Certified Herbalist (C.H.)
Susan completed her Herbalist Certificate and Clinical Herbalist Apprenticeship at the Self Heal School. She has a B.S. in Biology and worked as a naturalist and environmental educator for many years. Before joining Pharmaca, she worked as an Herbalist in a small community herb shop. She has worked for Pharmaca for more than four years and enjoys using her herbalist, nutrition and teaching skills to guide customers on their individual paths to healing and optimal health. She also conducts herbal consultations and nutrition recommendations with clients outside of Pharmaca.


Holly B., Certified Herbalist
Holly is a certified clinical herbalist who received her training from Self-Heal School. Soon after starting at Self-Heal, she knew she had found the right place to take her from simple interest in holistic health to a working knowledge of herbal medicine. She is currently enrolled in the East West School of Herbal Medicine to expand her knowledge of the traditional uses of Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs. Holly has a private practice conducting holistic health consultations. She also has a BA in Fine Arts from Sonoma State University.

Amy R

Amy R., Esthetician
Amy is a California-licensed esthetician and a graduate of the San Diego Beauty Academy. She has more than eight years experience working in both the medical and holistic esthetic fields. Amy has extensive product knowledge and is continually educating herself on the latest technologies and ingredients in the skin care industry.

Shayna P

Shayna P., Esthetician
Shayna was raised by an herbalist/nutritionist, so integrative medicine and wellness has always been a way of life. In 2012 Shayna enrolled at the Bellus Academy in San Diego, Calif. to study esthetics. As a licensed esthetician and certified makeup artist, she has gained hands on experience with the Pharmaca lines. From interning to doing mini facials on regular clientele, she has gained the skill, perspicacity and wisdom to work proficiently and professionally with some of the most natural skin care products around. She looks forward to continuing her education and is excited about her future at Pharmaca.