We accept most major insurance plans

Pharmaca accepts most major plans, including Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Aetna, Caremark, Humana, Cigna or Medco. We also accept Medicare part D prescription drug insurance plans. 

Below is a partial list of the insurance plans Pharmaca accepts and is for informational purposes only. Acceptance of insurance plans varies by Pharmaca location; all locations do not necessarily accept all plans listed and in most cases will accept additional plans. Not sure about yours? Just come in or call a pharmacist at your local Pharmaca.

      Atlantic Prescription Services (APS)
      Automated Scripts Network (ScripSolutions)
      Avia Partners/Grocery Store (Health Trans)
      BARx (Benefit Advantage Rx)
      BCBS of AL
      BCBS of CO (Anthem)
      BCBS of CT (Anthem)
      BCBS of FL (Prime)
      BCBS of IL (Prime Therapeutics)
      BCBS of IN (Anthem)
      BCBS of KS (Prime Therapeutics)
      BCBS of KY (Anthem)
      BCBS of LA (Express Scripts)
      BCBS of ME (Anthem)
      BCBS of MI (MedImpact) *out of state pharms only*
      BS of Western NY dba HealthNow NY (Wellpoint)
      CalPERS (Caremark)
      CareFirst/BCBS of MD (AdvancePCS)
      CareLink (Caremark)
      Caremark - Puerto Rico
      Caremark - Puerto Rico Client Network
      Caremark - Puerto Rico Consumer Card Provider Network II
      Caremark Amerigroup NM Delivery Service
      Caremark Retail 90 Day Program A
      Caremark Retail 90 day Program B
      Caremark, Inc.
      CareSource (Rx America)
      Catalyst Cash Program (Agelity)
      Catalyst Rx/Health Extras
      Choice Rx
      Community Care Plan (AdvancePCS)
      ExpressNET Limited Rural - (Express Scripts)
      Fallon Community Health Plan (Caremark)
      FHP – CA/TX/Utah
      First Choice Health (MedImpact)
      First Health Mailhandlers
      First Health/PrimExtra
      Ford Motor Co. (Wellpoint)
      Foundation Health East (AdvancePCS)
      FreeState Health Plan (AdvancePCS)
      Future Scripts
      GA Managed Medcaid (US Script)
      General Motors (Medco) * Closed Network*
      Goldline Cash Program (Agelity)
      Great Lakes Health Plan (AdvancePCS)
      Great Northern Network (Caremark)
      Group Health Plan (Coventry HealthCare)
      Harvard Pilgrim ME only (Medimpact)
      Health Alliance Plan of MI (HAP)
      Health Assurance (Caremark)
      Health First Health Plans (informedRX)
      Health Plan of San Mateo (informedRX)
      Health Plus of MI (Medimpact) Out of state pharmacies only
      Health Trans Puerto Rico 100% Cash Program
      Health Trans Puerto Rico Funded 83 Days
      Health Trans Puerto Rico Med D
      Health Trans Puerto Rico Selected Funded 83 Days
      HealthAmerica PA (Caremark)
      HealthCare USA (Caremark)
      Healthchoice (WHI)
      HealthLink (Wellpoint)
      HealthNET (not CA)
      HealthTrends (WebMD)
      Heartland Compensation (Prime Therapeutics)
      Helix Family Choice (AdvancePCS)
      Highmark BlueRx (All)
      Horizon HealthCare of NJ (AdvancePCS)
      HRM Health Plans of PA (AdvancePCS)
      IA Collaborative Safety Net Program (Member Health)
      Incentative ME Network (WellPoint Rx)
      informedRx (formerly SXC & NMHC)
      Innoviant National (SXC)
      Interchange PMP
      International Pharmacy Mgmt.
      JAI Medical Systems (First Health)
      LDI Pharmacy Management
      Maxicare of CA (MedImpact)
      M-Care Network (Catalyst Rx)
      Medco Health
      MedE Workers' Compensation-Emdeon
      MedTrak Services (1-59 days)
      MedTrak Services (60 + days)
      MercyCare (AdvancePCS)
      Molina Flu Vaccine Program (Rx America)
      M-Plan (Prescription Solutions)
      National Pharmaceutical Services (NPS)
      National Prescription Admin. Inc. (Express Scripts)
      Navitus (aka Touchpoint)
      Network First Health/Alta Rx
      Networks (Caremark)
      North American Benefit Plan (WebMD)
        Northwest Airlines Network (Medco)
        Northwest Pharmacy Services
        NRx Network
        Ohio Golden Buckeye (Member Health)
        Ohio Health
        Opus Health Debit Rx & Voucher
        Oregon Teamster Employers Trust -OTET (Caremark)
        Oxford Medicare Advantage (AdvancePCS)
        PA Employees Benefit Trust (AdvancePCS)
        Pacificare (Pres. Sol.) CA, CO, OH, OK, OR, NV, TX, WA
        Patient Assistance Program (Argus)
        PBM Plus
        Peabody Energy Corp (Pres. Sol. Narrow Network)
        Pequot Pharmaceutical Network
        Performance Pharmacy Program (AdvancePCS)
        Pharmacy Benefit Direct
        Pharmacy Business Associates
        PHS Passport Provider Network (AdvancePCS)
        Physician and Pharmaceutical Services, Inc. (PPSI)
        PPSC Cash Program (Agelity)
        Premier Pharmacy Plan
        Presbyterian Health Plan - Salud (MedImpact)
        Prescrip – Pharmacy Advantage System
        Prescription Reimbursement Network – First Health
        Prescription Solutions
        Prescription Solutions N-1 Network
        Prime Therapeutics
        ProCare Rx
        Restat - PRIME Network
        Restat( HSA)
        Rx America
        Rx America Molina (All states except CA, MI, WA)
        Rx America Molina CA
        Rx America Molina MI
        RX America Molina WA
        Rx Direct
        RX Innovations
        Rx Options
        RxWest (Netcard Systems)
        Sav Rx
        ScripSolutions (formerly MIM/ProMark) aka BioScrip
        Secure Horizons (Pres. Sol.)
        Select Script (Pharm Assess)
        Senior Alliance (Wellpoint)
        Serv-u Prescription Plan
        Silver Rx (Consultec)
        SMCRx Cash Program (Agelity)
        Southern Health Services
        State of GA (Express Scripts)
        State of IL Employees (Caremark)
        State of Illinois Senior Drug Discount Program (Sav Rx)
        State of Michigan (Express Scripts)
        State of NM (Catalyst Rx)
        State of South Carolina (Medco Health)
        Sterling Rx (WebMD)
        SXC Health Solutions Inc.
        TennCare (SXC)
        Third Party Solutions
        Three Rivers Health Plan (AdvancePCS)
        Total Script
        Transworld Prescription Network
        TriCare (Express Scripts)
        Unicare CA, GA, TX, VA (Wellpoint)
        Unicare CA, GA, TX, VA (Wellpoint)
        Union Benefit Plans (Pres. Sol.)
        Union Benefit Plans (Pres. Sol.)
        United Healthcare (Medco)
        United Healthcare Senior Program incl. AARP (Pres. Sol.)
        United Mine Workers of America (AdvancePCS)
        United Mine Workers of America (AdvancePCS)
        UPMC-Express Scripts
        US Scripts
        US Scripts
        US Scripts Sunshine Health Plans
        USI Rx (formerly York Prescription Benefits)
        Wellmark (Catalyst Rx)
        Wellness Plan (Rx Options)
        WHI Health Initiatives, Inc.
        WHI-Performance A & B Networks
        WHI-Value Discount Card Network
        Wise Rx
        WV Senior Prescription Assistance (AdvancePCS)