Practitioner of the Month: Sarah C, Naturopath

Because Pharmaca stores are staffed with such unique practitioners–from acupuncturists to herbalists to naturopaths, every once in awhile we like to highlight one who is particularly great at their jobs. Our practitioner of the month is Sarah C, Naturopath and Lead Practitioner at Pharmaca in Los Gatos, Calif.

According to Kathleen Lamoureux, assistant manager at the Los Gatos store, “Sarah is a very popular and reliable expert, not only in the store, but also in the Los Gatos community. Many customers come back again and again to consult with her.”

Sarah received her training in naturopathic medicine from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2004, and certification from the Desert Institute of Classical Homeopathy in 2002. Sarah has a passion for teaching and has worked closely with the Nutrition Therapy Institute in Denver, Colo. as an instructor and mentor for students of holistic nutrition. She joined the Pharmaca team in Los Gatos, Calif. in March 2010, with expertise in allergies, children and women’s health and fertility.

“Sarah designs the appropriate treatment path for each individual, with great results and testimonials to match,” Kathleen says. “She is a walking encyclopedia and keeps abreast and on top of what’s new in alternative and traditional therapies.  She can also tell you in the snap of a finger which shelf and section a supplement or remedy is on. She is one amazing woman!”

We couldn’t agree more. Congrats Sarah, and thanks for all your hard work!