Join the Personal Weight Challenge!

Getting fit and staying healthy is about to get easier! New this year, we’re helping customers meet their weight management goals through individualized nutrition and supplement consultation sessions—along with helpful encouragement—from one of our expert practitioners.

Customers can enroll in the Personal Weight Challenge (PWC) program for a low $20 monthly fee, which includes three 30-minute sessions with a practitioner each month. At the beginning of the program, customers will receive fun fitness-related gifts as well as a nutrition/exercise journal to help them keep track of their eating and activity—information that they’ll share with their consulting practitioner.

“There are many studies that show that keeping a food journal can help you lose weight,” says Colleen Johnson, nutrition educator at our Monterey store. People may think they have a healthy diet, but “this just really makes you aware of what you’re eating.”

Each PWC session will be geared toward the customer’s individual goals, be it weight loss, blood sugar management, lower blood pressure, a solid workout plan, etc. Sessions will include a weigh-in, a recap of goals achieved since the last meeting and a plan for meeting the next set of goals. Participants will also have access to healthy recipes and exercise plans developed by our practitioners and fitness experts, all designed for busy people on the go.

Perhaps most importantly, the PWC program helps keep customers encouraged and accountable as they develop new habits. “It’s so much easier to get off your plan when nobody’s watching,” says Colleen. “And everybody loves to have somebody notice when they’ve done something well!”

To learn more about the Personal Weight Challenge, ask a Team Member at your local Pharmaca.