Webcast: Boost your Brain: How to maintain good memory & cognitive function as you age

August 12, 2011

Join Dr. Bruce Price, associate professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School, as he offers expert advice on supplements and lifestyle changes to keep your brain working smarter at any age. July 27, 2011 Click icon on bottom right to view full screen Download a PDF of the presentation >

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Brain Boosters

August 11, 2010

Our favorite brain-boosting supplements: Jarrow Formulas BrainBoost Helps increase brain circulation and support the synthesis of neurotransmitters to improve memory, recall, focus and mood. Thorne Research Memoractive Combines ginkgo biloba, Acetyl-L-carnitine, Ayurvedic herbs and more to enhance alertness, learning and reaction time. Pharmaca PS Phosphatidylserine Increases cell flexibility in the brain, which in turn...

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