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  • Adaptogens in Focus: Rhodiola

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    On nearly every continent, there are plants that contain particular substances and chemicals capable of altering the human physiological and emotional reaction to stress. Known for thousands of years and utilized by cultures around the globe, these healing herbs and fungi—what we now call adaptogens—convey a resistance to chemical, physical […]

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  • Herbal Remedy: Ginger

    Herbal Remedy Ginger

    There’s a reason ginger ale has long been the go-to remedy for anyone with an upset stomach: Ginger is an important aid for digestion–and a variety of other health concerns. Ginger (zingiber officinale) is most commonly grown in India, China, Indonesia, Mexico, Nepal and Thailand. A member of the zingiberaceae […]

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  • Herbal Remedy: Goldenseal

    We often hear about goldenseal in combination with echinacea. But goldenseal is a powerful herb in its own right, useful in treating everything from digestive upset to canker sores.  Goldenseal commonly grows in southeastern Canada and the northeastern United States, and was commonly used by Native American tribes, and later […]