• Join the Personal Weight Challenge!

    Getting fit and staying healthy is about to get easier! New this year, we’re helping customers meet their weight management goals through individualized nutrition and supplement consultation sessions—along with helpful encouragement—from one of our expert practitioners.

    Customers can enroll in the Personal Weight Challenge (PWC) program for a low $20 monthly fee, which includes three 30-minute sessions with a practitioner each month. At the beginning of the program, customers will receive fun fitness-related gifts as well as a nutrition/exercise journal to help them keep track of their eating and activity—information that they’ll share with their consulting practitioner.

    “There are many studies that show that keeping a food journal can help you lose weight,” says Colleen Johnson, nutrition educator at our Monterey store. People may think they have a healthy diet, but “this just really makes you aware of what you’re eating.”

    Each PWC session will be geared toward the customer’s individual goals, be it weight loss, blood sugar management, lower blood pressure, a solid workout plan, etc. Sessions will include a weigh-in, a recap of goals achieved since the last meeting and a plan for meeting the next set of goals. Participants will also have access to healthy recipes and exercise plans developed by our practitioners and fitness experts, all designed for busy people on the go.

    Perhaps most importantly, the PWC program helps keep customers encouraged and accountable as they develop new habits. “It’s so much easier to get off your plan when nobody’s watching,” says Colleen. “And everybody loves to have somebody notice when they’ve done something well!”

    To learn more about the Personal Weight Challenge, ask a Team Member at your local Pharmaca.

  • Preview Dr. Tieraona Low Dog's New Book: Life Is Your Best Medicine

    Integrative Health Advisory Board member Dr. Tieraona Low Dog, MD, just released her latest book, Life Is Your Best Medicine: A Woman's Guide to Health, Healing and Wholeness at Every Age. Published by National Geographic, the book weaves together the wisdom of traditional medicine and the expertise of modern-day medicine to explore the best in integrative health.

    Find the book in Pharmaca stores now, or at

  • Upcoming webinar with Dr. Bruce Price

    Interested in what you can be doing preventively to keep your brain and memory going strong as you age? Pharmaca is proud to be hosting a free webinar with Dr. Bruce Price of our Integrative Health Advisory Board.

    Boost Your Brain:
    How to maintain good memory and cognitive function as you age

    Wednesday, July 20, 11am PDT/12pm MDT

    Join Dr. Bruce Price, associate professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School, as he offers expert advice on supplements and lifestyle changes to keep your brain working smarter at any age.

    Register now and submit your questions! Everyone who attends will receive $10 good toward future shopping purchases in stores and online.


  • Reserve your mini makeovers and facials now for Spa Day!

    It's everyone's favorite time of the year at Pharmaca--our Spa Day events start this week!

    While customers can always get skin care and makeup advice at Pharmaca, Spa Day events focus specifically on new products and trends in the health and beauty category. “Right now, with the summer months coming, is an especially good time to change up your skin care regimen, and a great time to brighten up your makeup colors,” says Shauna LaChapelle, licensed esthetician and store manager at Pharmaca in Oakland, Calif.

    “A lot of people come to Spa Day with a group of friends and make an outing of it,” Shauna says. She adds that customers love getting great information and samples of new products from the host of vendors that show up to Spa Day. People also scramble to reserve the mini-makeovers or mini-facials that are offered on event day. (Please note that makeovers and facials require a $10 reservation fee, but customers also receive a $10 shopping coupon. Call or stop by your store to make your reservation.)

    On the day of the event, if you spend $75 or more on the day of the event, you’ll receive a free Lavender Travel Kit, including 2-oz. bottles of Pharmaca’s Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash and Body Lotion (a $7.99 value). You'll also receive coupons for shopping savings, including $10 off a $50 purchase, or $20 off a $100 purchase, to use on the day of the event. And all participants can enter to win a sampling of some of Pharmaca’s favorite products.


  • Thriving in Menopause events going on now!

    If you have questions about menopause (How do I sleep better? Get rid of these hot flashes?), don't miss our annual Thriving in Menopause events, happening at a store near you. Participants can talk to practitioners about hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and symptoms, get chair massages, enter raffles and more. EVENT DETAILS >>

    If you can't make it in to an event, join our free webinar on April 6!

    Menopause Solutions

    Dr. Tieraona Low Dog, MD

    Wednesday, April 6, 2pm PST/3pm MST

    Join Dr. Tieraona Low Dog, an internationally recognized expert in the field of integrative approaches to women's health, as she discusses common sense strategies for managing the symptoms of menopause. From herbal remedies to bioidentical hormone therapy, Dr. Low Dog will offer helpful advice for women in every stage of menopause.

  • Upcoming webinar! Better Sleep: The Holy Grail of Good Health


    Pharmaca is proud to be hosting another free webinar with Dr. Bradly Jacobs, Chair of our Integrative Health Advisory Board.

    Better Sleep: The Holy Grail of Good Health

    Thursday, March 17, 2pm PDT/3pm MDT

    Join Dr. Jacobs as he discusses a holistic approach to getting better sleep, including diet and lifestyle changes, supplements and herbal remedies ideal for your unique situation.

    Register now and submit your questions! Everyone who attends will receive $10 good toward future shopping purchases in stores and online.


    Can't join us on March 17? Check back later to find an archived version of the webinar.

    Or, stay tuned for registration details for our next webinar, Women in Menopause, with Dr. Tieraona Low Dog
    Wednesday, April 6, 2pm PST/3pm MST
    She'll be discussing common sense strategies for managing the symptoms of menopause, from herbal remedies to bioidentical hormone therapy.

  • Healthy heart events are starting now!

    Our very first Healthy Heart event is taking place as we speak in our Sonoma, Calif. store. Visitors to the store will get to take advantage of cholesterol screenings with LDL and HDL breakouts (screenings are $10, but you receive a coupon good for $10 in free shopping afterward!), consultations with practitioners, free product samples and raffle prizes.

    Want to know when you can attend a Healthy Heart Event near you? Here is the complete list of event dates (click on the image to download a PDF):

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