Glass, Metal, Plastic? Choosing the Right Water Bottle

January 8, 2015

You know proper hydration is critical in maintaining great health and strong immunity. Water’s multitude of benefits includes increased metabolism, boosts in energy, healthy, glowing skin, and optimal brain and kidney function (and pretty much every other organ in your body!). Meeting the recommended 91 oz per day intake of fluids, however, can be...

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Kick Off the New Year With a Cleanse!

January 3, 2015

Why should I consider a cleanse? Cleansing can help reduce cravings for unhealthy food and set you up for good eating habits in the new year. Cleansing can also help reduce inflammation, enhance immune function, improve energy and boost overall health. So get the year started off right by breaking those bad eating habits....

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Don’t forget to use your FSA funds before December 31

December 26, 2014

If you enrolled in a flexible spending account (FSA) as part of your health coverage in 2014, now’s the time to use up that savings—before December 31! By purchasing eligible products with your pre-tax dollars, you can save approximately 20 to 40 percent on out-of-pocket health expenses. However, the “use it or lose it”...

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Treating Illness During Pregnancy

December 22, 2014
Mother with baby

Pregnancy represents a very unique time in a woman’s life—it’s a time to focus on our physical and emotional wellbeing to ensure the life within is nourished and healthy. But it can also present particular pregnancy-related challenges to the mother. In addition to morning sickness or constipation, pregnant women are also vulnerable to the...

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Healing Waters: 5 Ideas for Restorative Baths

December 12, 2014

Sometimes the simplest remedies—the ones that have worked for centuries—are the best. The ancient practice of “taking the waters,” what we now call hydrotherapy, works on two levels: The warm water provides a continuous heat source to our bodies, and gently massages as it circulates. And the addition of therapeutic salts, minerals and botanical...

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Healthy Winter Skin Strategies

Happy woman outside in winter

Ah, winter. Season of hot cocoa, warm scarves…and dry skin! But it’s not just the skin on our face that can suffer during the season of indoor heat—our feet, hands and lips can also experience extra dryness. Here are a few tips for smoothing, hydrating, sloughing and softening every little part of you. First,...

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