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  • Trending Now: 5 New Oils to Look For


    We’re constantly fascinated by the amazing beauty treatments nature has provided—and indigenous people have been using for centuries. Here are the latest exotic discoveries that are making their way into natural skin and hair care formulations. Mongongo Oil Processed or dry hair gets a big dose of nourishment and protection […]

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  • Beauty Without Borders


    Every country has its own beauty culture…we’ve traveled the globe to find unique ingredients, philosophies and practices that inspire us to embrace the best of beauty worldwide. Here are a few of our favorite global beauty lines. Biodynamic farming produces pure and potent plants. The biodynamic farming movement was founded […]

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  • The 411 on Allergies


    Do you suffer from springtime allergies? Itchy eyes and runny nose don’t have to be an inevitability—there are a variety of ways to support your body’s ability to reduce the allergic response. First, let’s look at how allergies work. Allergens (e.g. pollen) are for some reason seen as an invader […]

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  • Play up your best feature


    All of us have a feature that makes us uniquely beautiful, be it eyes, lips, cheeks or skin…learn to celebrate it with targeted skin care treatments and natural, good-for-you makeup! Play up: Sparkling eyes Focus attention on your eyes with—believe it or not—navy blue mascara. ZuZu Luxe Mascara in Navy […]