Treating Illness During Pregnancy

December 22, 2014
Mother with baby

Pregnancy represents a very unique time in a woman’s life—it’s a time to focus on our physical and emotional wellbeing to ensure the life within is nourished and healthy. But it can also present particular pregnancy-related challenges to the mother. In addition to morning sickness or constipation, pregnant women are also vulnerable to the...

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Healing Waters: 5 Ideas for Restorative Baths

December 12, 2014

Sometimes the simplest remedies—the ones that have worked for centuries—are the best. The ancient practice of “taking the waters,” what we now call hydrotherapy, works on two levels: The warm water provides a continuous heat source to our bodies, and gently massages as it circulates. And the addition of therapeutic salts, minerals and botanical...

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Healthy Winter Skin Strategies

Happy woman outside in winter

Ah, winter. Season of hot cocoa, warm scarves…and dry skin! But it’s not just the skin on our face that can suffer during the season of indoor heat—our feet, hands and lips can also experience extra dryness. Here are a few tips for smoothing, hydrating, sloughing and softening every little part of you. First,...

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Gifts For Athletes

December 4, 2014

For your favorite athlete, healthy happens here this holiday season! Pharmaca offers a wide range of gifts for people who love to push their physical limits. Blend it up, shake it up, drink it up Pharmaca Blender Bottle + Vega Protein Powder For the busy athlete, this clever on-the-go smoothie maker provides fast, delicious...

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Wedding Beauty Countdown: 6 Months to Perfect Skin, Hair & Nails

December 1, 2014

’ve got the venue, photographer and dress all set, but don’t forget that glowing skin and shiny hair need advance planning, too. With wedding season just months away, here’s what to get started on now to get ready the big day. 6 months: Get your hair and nails in shape Now’s the time to...

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6 Great Gifts For Him

November 26, 2014

No ties or socks here! For the men in your life, these unique yet practical gift suggestions offer something for everyone. Mountain man necessities—just add flannel Every Man Jack Cedarwood Set The woodsy, fresh scent of cedarwood is alive in this manly gift set, featuring a full-sized, aluminum-free deodorant, moisturizing face lotion, fragrance-free SPF...

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