Pharmaca’s model and the future of integrative medicine

In a recent Huffington Post article by Marc Stoiber entitled “Who will own the brand of integrative medicine?”, Pharmaca CEO Mark Panzer talked about Pharmaca’s integrative approach to the pharmacy:

“The common US model is one pharmacist, and a bunch of clerks stocking shelves. In our case, we have the highly trained pharmacist, but also highly skilled practitioners with homeopathic or naturopathic backgrounds. No one expert has the full answer. Instead, we collaborate to offer our customers a more holistic approach to managing their health.“

Other experts talk about the ways in which conventional and alternative medicines are increasingly coming together in various health care settings, a necessary shift given our currently overburdened health care system.

The article, also published on Stoiber’s personal website, garnered some interesting feedback from a reader, who worries that the integrative concept won’t work “until the FDA steps in and regulates the quality and potency of each product.”

Here’s what Don Summerfield, Pharmaca’s vice president of integrative medicine, had to say:

“Guaranteeing dietary supplement product quality is becoming easier as the natural products industry matures. The FDA has instituted its long-awaited good manufacturing practices (GMP) guidelines, which will go a long way towards ensuring quality dietary supplements are manufactured under FDA regulations.

Pharmaca has gone a step further by developing our own Quality Assurance Program that certifies our dietary supplement vendors. The program was developed in partnership with our Integrative Health Advisory Board members, who are leading medical doctors in the field of integrative medicine. We’re proud to say that even in the absence of significant FDA regulation, Pharmaca helps to take to worry out of shopping for natural medicine products.”

As always, Pharmaca is happy to provide guidance and products that our customers can trust.


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  1. Jane says:

    Pharmaca’s Quality Assurance program is a much more trustworthy than the FDA.

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