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  • A Solution for Every Skin Problem

    From breakouts to skin discolorations, Pharmaca has a natural, effective solution for every one of your skin concerns. Here, our estheticians recommend their favorites.

    Astara’s Blue Flame Purifying Treatment
    is a really wonderful product. It’s got salicylic acid, Tottara tree essence, witch hazel and tea tree oil that work together to kill bacteria. It works really well as a spot treatment, and even works for women who have hormonal or stress-related breakouts.
    -Margie Gonzales, Menlo Park

    I recommend the Sanitas Skin Light Gentle, which contains high concentrations of vitamin C and kojic acid to speed cell renewal—the discolored skin will slowly fade and new skin will show through. It also contains a small amount of hydroquinone, which can be prescribed in higher doses by a dermatologist to lighten skin. I also like Jurlique’s new Purely Bright line, which contains a powerful concentration of Kakadu Plum, the world's richest natural fruit source of vitamin C.
    -Lisa Sawabini, Portland

    Our herbalists recommend Quantum’s Scar Reducing Herbal Cream. One of the main ingredients is odorless onion extract, found in a lot of physician-recommended scar treatments, but with vitamin E and 14 other herbs for healing. It’s always best to use immediately after the wound heals, but it may even help later, since it can help heal stretch marks and calluses. We’ve been getting fabulous customer feedback on this for years!
    -Dana Garced, La Jolla

    Dry Skin
    Many skin issues need to be addressed internally, so if someone said they have dry skin, I’d want to make sure they’re taking omega-3s internally and getting lots of fruits and veggies in their diet.

    On the skin, I like Sanitas’ Topical C since it firms the skin, repairs elasticity and can help reduce free radical damage from the sun. I also love anything with hyaluronic acid—it’s a humectant that binds the moisture from the environment to the skin. Even people with oily skin say it helps balance their oil production. Derma E offers a Hyaluronic Acid Crème for day use and a more concentrated formula for the evening.
    -Victoria Haket, Menlo Park

    If you’re looking to treat wrinkles under your eyes, I like the Sanitas PeptiDerm Eye Treatment. Many people see a difference in just a few weeks! Other treatments are meant to prevent wrinkles, but this is actually supposed to reverse the damage that’s already been done. Peptides work on wrinkles in other areas of the skin, too.
    -Catherine Navarro, Brentwood, Calif.  

    Dark circles
    I love the new Cowgirl Extreme Eye Cream—it’s kind of an all-purpose eye treatment for hydration, fine lines, dark circles and puffiness. It’s got collagen-boosting peptides, as well as a shot of vitamins A and C to help keep your eyes looking healthy and bright!
    -Sara A., Seattle - Madison Park

    Get a personalized recommendation for your skin concerns when you speak with a Pharmaca esthetician.

  • Looking for a Natural Acne Remedy? Try a Green Smoothie

    Carrot, Celery, Spinach and Watercress Juice


    If you or someone you love has struggled with acne, you know how frustrating this skin condition can be. What's more, some of the prescription medications prescribed to treat acne come with dangerous side effects. Remember Accutane? Introduced in the early 1980s and pulled from the market in 2009, Accutane, a then highly-popular medication prescribed for the treatment of acne, was found to cause very serious side effects including birth defects, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and suicidal feelings.

    While there are still prescription medications available to treat acne, the side effects lead many to search for a more natural acne remedy. We found the perfect solution: A green smoothie that can help clear up acne and feed your skin the important nutrients it needs for optimal health.

    Green Smoothies as a Natural Remedy for Acne

    Green smoothies act as a natural acne remedy because they contain green leafy vegetables that are packed with the nutrients your body needs to cleanse and heal itself. Plus, blending these nutrients into a smoothie makes them easier for your body to absorb.

    These are the nutrients in the below green smoothie that act as natural acne remedies:

    • Chlorophyll: Helps eliminate toxins, improves cell metabolism and speeds healing
    • Sulfur: Balances body's pH, fights infection and reduces inflammation
    • Vitamin K: Improves skin tone, reduces acne scarring
    • Vitamin A: Rebuilds tissue

    Natural Acne Remedy Recipe

    1. Place 1 cup of your favorite green leafy vegetables in a blender (spinach, swiss chard and kale are easy to find)
    2. Add two cups of fresh or frozen fruit (berries, bananas, grapes and pineapples)
    3. Add enough water or juice to give the smoothie the thickness you desire, then blend until very smooth
    4. Pour and enjoy!

    Look for more greenfoods at Pharmaca to support your skin health, or speak to a practitioner about other great natural acne remedies.

  • Essential Oil of the Month: Tea Tree

    Tea tree oil can be found in almost everything these days. It’s taken from the leaves of Melaleuca alternifolia, native to the northeast coast of Australia, and has long been used by Australian aborigines for its healing properties.

    What it does
    Tea tree’s antibacterial and antiviral properties make it a healing tool for everything from acne to sunburn to infections. As such, tea tree oil can be a valuable addition to a summer first aid kit.

    Bonus use
    Tea tree can be an effective household cleaner—simply combine 2 teaspoons oil to 2 cups of water in a spray bottle.

    Ways to use it

    • Add to unscented body care (e.g. lotion, shampoo or conditioner) to increase their effectiveness. Tea-tree infused shampoo can even help combat dandruff and head lice.
    • Apply to blemishes several times a day (with a cotton swab) to speed healing
    • Add a few drops to a bowl of steaming water and inhale to promote respiratory clearing. Can also be added to a vaporizer or to a hot bath.

    Interesting tidbit
    Bees that feed on flowers of the Manuka bush, a close relative of the tea tree plant, produce Manuka honey, also known for its antibacterial properties.

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