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  • Prevent Respiratory Infection: Build Immunity Now!

    Seasons are shifting, school has started and germs are making their way around! The Centers For Disease Control (CDC) estimates 10-15 million viral respiratory infections affect Americans each year, with the season peaking in September and October. This year, a normally quiet virus strain—Enterovirus D68 (aka EV-D68)—has made headlines because […]

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  • Beyond Antibiotics: Natural Ways to Fight Ear Infections (Video)

    Blog_natural remedy ear infection

    Ear infections can be a persistent problem in young children. Here, Dr. Tori Hudson talks about natural ways to prevent and treat ear infections without having to turn to antibiotics, which can exacerbate the cycle of infection. She covers homeopathic and herbal remedies, as well as long-term prevention with probiotics.