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  • DIY: Aromatherapy Facial Mists

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    These recipes yield the perfect amount for our Fill & Fly Spray Top Bottles—just combine the essential oils below with 2 oz water and shake. Mist face and neck (avoiding eyes) to enjoy the aromatherapeutic benefits…then stash in your purse or overnight bag for anytime refreshment!   Recipes courtesy Aura […]

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  • Why Mushrooms Are Sprouting Up in Your Natural Skin Care

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    There’s a new ingredient in your natural skin care arsenal—mushrooms! Loaded with unique compounds to hydrate, tone, brighten and increase firmness, mushrooms offer benefits for every skin type. If you have mature, dry skin with fine lines and wrinkles Remedy: Snow mushroom (Tremella fuciformis) Snow mushrooms are amazingly hydrating, drawing […]