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  • Essential Oil of the Month: Ginger

    Most of us don't know much about ginger (aside from its ubiquitous presence, in pickled form, on our sushi plates). That's why we decided to celebrate its warmth and spiciness as April's essential oil of the month. Ginger (Zingiber officinale) essential oil is created by steam distilling the extensive root of a perennial herb that's indigenous to southern Asia.

    What it does
    Ginger can help relieve aching muscles, stimulate circulation and soothe the stomach.

    Bonus use
    In the British Herbal Pharmacoepia, ginger is indicated for flatulent intestinal colic.

    Ways to use it
    •    Add to a hot bath to bring stimulation to sore, overworked muscles
    •    Combine with a carrier oil (in very low doses) to add soothing, warming effects to a massage
    •    Rub on temples and stomach to help quell motion sickness
    •    Heat in a diffuser to bring energy to a room

    Interesting tidbit
    In Ayurvedic cooking, ginger is added to dishes to enhance a meal's digestability.

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