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  • New School Year, Healthier Kids

    It's an exciting time of year--when the thrill of starting a new school year means fun new gear for little ones. Get your kids off to school in style with everything they need for a healthy, happy fall.

    Clean 'em up

    We love the whole line of Clean Kids by Gabriel--from their Germ Busting Soap to their Banana Smoothie Detangler (yum!). Start your kids off right with this essential-oil infused, all-natural body care.

    Give them the right nutrition

    Our practitioners rave about Nordic Naturals' full line of kids' supplements. From their Nordic Berries Multivitamins to their tasty Children's DHA Strawberry liquid, Nordic offers everyday nutrition that your kids will love.

    Protect their skin

    Make sunscreen application a much easier task with Goddess Garden's new Sunscreen Sprays. They're packed with broad-spectrum, SPF 30 protection, and are gentle on even the most sensitive skin.

    Pack them up

    The littlest school-goers will love Skip Hop's fun insulated lunch bags and wear-proof backpacks, available in whimsical animal shapes (or try their Bento Mealtime Kit, an easy way to pack up little snacks).

    Add a reusable water bottle from Pura Kiki or Earthlust and fill it with water mixed with an electrolyte-infused drink mix. We love the tasty flavors from Ultima Replenishers, a great way to ensure they're getting hydration without the artificial sugar and flavors found in other drink mixes.

    You'll also want to send them off with school supplies from Melissa and Doug-their child-safe scissors and washable markers are an easy, eco-friendly way to equip them for their artistic endeavors.

    Give them style

    Keep wayward hair out of the way and add flair to any outfit with Natural Life's Hair Clips and Bobby Pins. Available in a variety of colors and styles, these accessories will guarantee your little girl will feel one-of-a-kind.

    Boost their immunity

    They're about to come in contact with a lot more germs than they're used to. Give them some extra protection with Pharmaca's Kids' Immune Booster, a well-loved herbal formula that gives their immune system a little extra oomph.

    Help them sleep soundly

    After a long day in the classroom (or on the soccer field), help them rest easy with the sweet sights and sounds of Cloud B's children's sleep products. Little ones clamor over who gets Twilight Turtle, which projects a starry night sky on the ceiling.

    For other great suggestions on getting your child's school year off on the right foot, speak with a Pharmaca practitioner today.  

  • Back to School Days

    Get your little one prepared to head to school with the right nutrition, brain-boosting supplements and eco-friendly gear.

    8am: Breakfast
    For complete nutrition, send them off with a spoonful of ChildLife Essentials delicious orange/mango-flavored multivitamin. While you’re at it, jump-start their immunity with a dropperful of WishGarden Herbs Kick-It Immune Kids in their morning OJ.

    9am: Off to school
    Fill their backpacks with eco-friendly notebooks and pencils from a variety of brands, along with CleanWell Hand Sanitizer Wipes (triclosan-free!) to keep germs away.

    10am: Recess
    Make sure they’ve been slathered ahead of time with some all-natural sun protection, like the Environmental Working Group’s top-rated Goddess Garden Kid’s Natural Sunscreen. And rest easy when they hydrate with water from a fun, safe and reusable water bottle from Sigg, Lifefactory or EarthLust.

    Noon: Cafeteria
    Fill one of the retro-inspired lunchboxes from So Young Mother with whole foods like apples, carrots and yogurt. “Keep away from processed foods and high-fructose corn syrup,” says Whitney Elkins-Hutten, nutritionist at our North Boulder store. “If you give them healthy options, they’ll take the ones that are most interesting,” she says. She notes that adding stickers to a sandwich bag, or even cutting the sandwich it into fun shapes, can be enough to encourage them to eat well. And in the end, don’t worry if they want to eat the same thing every day. “Kids like routine,” says Whitney. “Just keep trying to introduce new foods slowly.”

    2pm: Snacktime
    When little ones need brainfood, make sure they’ve got a package of Pharmaca’s healthy and delicious snacks. They’ll get a great afternoon pick-me-up with nut and fruit mixes like Organic Protein Power or the Antioxidant-Rich Trail Mix (including cranberries, papaya and raisins).

    And don’t forget the omega-3s! Nordic Naturals Omega-3 Gummies are an easy and tasty way to get the DHA and EPA that growing brains need.

    4pm: Playtime
    Set up your little Picasso with non-toxic art supplies from EcoKids. Colored pencils are made from recycled newspaper, wax and vegetable-derived glue. Or outfit them with recycled crayons from Crazy Crayons.

    6pm: Shower/bathtime
    Lather up with Clean Kids by Gabriel’s Liquid Soap or Foaming Bath to bust germs and gently clean skin. And they’ll enjoy bathtime even more when you turn on Putumayo’s Rock & Roll Playground CD, featuring Dan Zanes and friends doing a kid-friendly version of early rock and roll.

    8pm: Bedtime!
    After a full day of activities, they’ll need to get the best sleep possible to prepare for the next school day. If they have trouble falling asleep, turn to Hyland’s Calms Forte 4 Kids, a well-loved sleep remedy that quells restlessness without making them groggy. You can even switch on Cloud B’s Twilight Turtle and they’ll fall asleep to soft light and starry constellations.

    Good night!

    To get expert advice about your child’s growing needs—or just to pick up some fun gear for school—stop into a Pharmaca today. 

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