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  • No Adults Allowed! Kid-Friendly Supplements

    ClassroomStart those healthy habits early with a variety of supplements specially formulated with the vitamins and minerals necessary for healthy development for brain and body. With a new school year rapidly approaching, it's all the more important to give them a nutritional edge for increased energy and strengthened immunity against the germs lurking in their classrooms.

    To prevent nutritional deficiencies, get your child into the healthy habit of taking a daily multivitamin—and turn it into a fun morning (or nightly) ritual instead of a chore. Bluebonnet's Super Earth Rainforest Animal Chews Multi-Vitamins feature a superfruit blend along with with extracts of bone-building vegetables (broccoli, broccoli sprouts, brussels sprouts, carrots, kale, onion, spinach and tomatoes) in one yummy, raspberry-flavored chewable. The tasty tablets also help facilitate calcium and phosphorus absorption and increase the formation and density of children's growing bones.

    Rainbow Light's Sunny Gummies Vitamin D3 is a delicious lemon-flavored gummy that delivers a potent level of vitamin D3 to support bone and muscle strength, immune function, and circulatory and cellular health. Vitamin D3 is the most effective form of vitamin D, and Berry D-Licious contains 2,500 IU of this important vitamin. Totally natural and free of artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, preservatives and additives, this delicious supplement is also allergen safe, created without gluten, soy, yeast, milk, eggs, nuts, fish or shellfish.

    Fish oil, known for its fantastic benefits, isn't just for adults. Kids everywhere love Nordic Naturals' strawberry-flavored Children's DHA. Made entirely from Arctic cod liver oil, this supplement is rich in the omega-3 DHA–essential for the proper development of the brain, eyes, and nervous and immune systems. Easily swallowed or chewed by children over three, Children's DHA also contains healthy levels of naturally derived vitamins A and D.

    Babies can also benefit from supplements. Nordic Naturals' Baby's DHA Vegetarian is formulated for the specific omega-3 nutritional needs of infants, and is a safe, effective way to ensure that babies 6 months or older (or as directed by your pediatrician) get the DHA they need for healthy development. And don't forget the vitamin C! Ensure your toddler receives crucial quantities with Hyland's Vitamin C tablets. These no-fuss tablets dissolve quickly and deliver 71 percent of the daily value for babies under a year, and 63 percent for kids between 1-3 years.

    Should a cold strike–despite your best efforts–treat your child with Hyland's 4Kids naturally soothing Honey Cough Syrup, Cold 'N Cough, or Sniffles 'N Sneezes. Safe and effective, these homeopathic remedies quell the symptoms of the common cold, cough or congestion for fast recovery.

    Pharmaca is committed to offering a holistic and well-rounded approach to children's health. Visit one of our stores to talk to a licensed practitioner about your child's health and nutritional needs.

  • Nutrition Essentials for Healthy Kids

    Want to give your little one a foundation for good health? We spoke with Shannon Wood, naturopath at our Menlo Park, Calif., store, about her recommendations for what every child under 12 should be taking to help keep them healthy, strong and focused.

    Fish Oil
    "My first recommendation is always fish oil," says Shannon. "We know it's imperative for mental cognition." That's especially important during the learning and developing years, and can help with any issues in the neurological or nervous systems. Shannon loves the Nordic Naturals Children's DHA, which has a great strawberry taste and comes in easy-to-swallow capsules (or try their DHA Junior, in even smaller capsules).

    While Shannon always encourages parents to teach good nutrition, most children can still use a multivitamin to make up for deficiencies in essential vitamins and minerals. She likes ChildLife's Multi Vitamin and Mineral liquid formula, especially good for kids who are picky eaters or who are at risk for nutrient deficiencies. She also likes that the liquid is more bioavailable than capsules, and comes in a tasty orange-mango flavor.

    For older kids, Nordic Naturals' Nordic Berries is another good choice. "It's a pretty complete multi and kids enjoy the taste," says Shannon.

    A “maintenance” dose of probiotics can be key for a number of things, including boosting immunity, lessening the effects of allergies and soothing digestive issues. For daily use, Shannon recommends Yum Yum Dophilus by Jarrow Formulas, a chewable, raspberry-flavored probiotic that kids love.

    But, she says, “If kids go on a round of antibiotics, make sure they’re on a high-potency probiotic for at least one month afterward.” This will help replenish the good intestinal flora that the antibiotics may have stripped away. Shannon recommends parents look for high-potency probiotics for children from Metagenics.

    Vitamin D
    "I just love vitamin D," says Shannon. "It's essential for almost everybody, since our population is chronically deficient." Vitamin D is essential to bone health, especially in growing children, as well as a variety of other health conditions. She says Rainbow Light's Sunny Gummies are very popular ("We can't keep them on the shelf!" Shannon says), and they come in two different potencies. She recommends the 400 IUs for children under 12, and 1,000 IUs for kids over 12.

    If you're looking for a liquid form, Pharmaca's Kids Vitamin D3 is an easy way to administer them, either under the tongue or in juice.

    Vitamin C
    “Vitamin C is good for general immune support,” says Shannon. That immune boost can be especially important as kids get back into the classroom and are exposed to more germs. She recommends Natural Factors Vitamin C Natural Fruit Chews, available in six fun flavors.

    Talk to a Pharmaca practitioner about other important supplements to boost your child’s health.

  • Food for Thought: Nutrition for a Better Brain

    Essential fatty acids, particularly omega-3 fatty acids, are essential for a reason—they’re actual structural components of all neural cells. In other words, they’re part of the brain’s building blocks. Because the body can’t manufacture this nutrient on its own, fatty acids have to be obtained through food and dietary supplements. This is especially important for developing babies and children whose diets often don’t include omega-3–rich fish.

    Scientists and doctors are beginning to explore the role omega-3s like DHA play in the cognitive development of children. DHA is vital to both the nervous system and visual functions (particularly the development of the retina), especially during gestation and in the first few years of life. Infants receive DHA in the womb and through breast milk, provided the mother has enough in her own diet. Experts now think adequate DHA intake could have a positive effect on curbing ADD and ADHD symptoms.

    While the human body can convert ALA—another omega-3 that is found in plants like flax oil and evening primrose—into DHA, it’s much less efficient than ingesting DHA in its whole form from fish. That’s why so many doctors are recommending that patients of all ages take a fish-oil supplement that will provide them with the brain boost they need.

    So how do you ensure your children are receiving enough DHA throughout the important stages of cognitive development? Once they’re weaned from breast milk, our practitioners often recommend Nordic Naturals’ Children’s DHA. “Most kids comply with them just fine because they taste good and are easy to swallow,” says Asia Real, a certified nutritionist at our Pacific Palisades store.

    “Nordic also has phenomenal standards for cleanliness,” adds Real. That’s especially important to parents concerned about mercury content in their fish oil: Nordic’s special distillation process ensures that all heavy metals are removed from the final product, and third-party testing continues to confirm Nordic’s purity.

    Nordic Naturals’ Children’s DHA is sold in chewable, soft gels and liquid form, both of which are infused with strawberry essence to make the cod liver oil palatable for little taste buds. Though DHA intake is important in the first few years of life, Real encourages parents to consult with their pediatrician before starting a fish-oil regimen with kids under 3 years.

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