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  • A Whole Body Approach to Fibromyalgia

    Fibromyalgia affects an estimated 5 million adults in America. But what is fibromyalgia? The condition is characterized primarily by chronic, widespread unexplained pain and tender points throughout the body, as well as profound fatigue and sleep disturbances. Fibromyalgia is most common among women and people with autoimmune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis or lupus.

    Those with fibromyalgia (FM) may also experience secondary symptoms such as waking unrefreshed, morning stiffness, weakness, brain fog, headaches/migraines, mood complaints (e.g. depression, anxiety), numbness/tingling, joint swelling, balance problems, itchy or burning skin and digestive disorders.

    These symptoms often look similar to health conditions such as lyme disease, anemia, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer or infection. Fibromyalgia also shares many similarities with chronic fatigue syndrome—it’s estimated that 70 percent of people diagnosed with FM also meet the criteria for chronic fatigue—as well as multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome (hypersensitivity to chemicals and smells). Because there are no lab tests that can confirm a FM diagnosis, fibromyalgia is often only diagnosed after other conditions have been ruled out.

    The cause of fibromyalgia is still unknown, but it is thought that a variety of factors may be involved—such as genetics, previous infections/illness, emotional or physical stress, and imbalances with important chemicals such as serotonin, tryptophan and norepinephrine. Ultimately, symptoms of pain may be due to faulty communication between pain signals and the nervous system, which results in an amplified pain sensation.

    A variety of treatment options exist to help reduce pain, lessen daytime fatigue and improve sleep. Conventional therapy uses analgesics, sleep aids, muscle relaxers or anti-depressants. Natural and alternative therapies, on the other hand, utilize a whole body approach to treatment that includes diet, nutrition and lifestyle changes, botanicals and bodywork.


    Tips for a whole body approach

    Many people suffering from fibromyalgia find relief through daily stretching, light exercise, massage, yoga, meditation or acupuncture. People with FM generally experience good days and bad days; it’s important not to overexert yourself on good days as it could exacerbate symptoms.

    A good dietary approach includes whole food-based nutrition, identifying and eliminating food sensitivities, and ensuring adequate hydration. Avoiding or significantly decreasing caffeine and alcohol can improve sleep and decrease the body’s toxic burden.

    Many supplements can also help to reduce pain and improve fatigue and sleep quality.

    D-ribose helps replenish core energy, provides muscles with energy, reduces muscle stiffness, soreness and fatigue, and improves heart function. Try Ribose Muscle Edge from Jarrow Formulas.

    Magnesium, which is commonly deficient in those with FM, relaxes muscles, is necessary for proper muscle function and crucial for energy production. Try Pharmaca Magnesium Citrate, Pure Essence’s Ionic-Fizz or Natural Vitality Calm.

    Corvalen M is a helpful formula that combines ribose and magnesium and malate (or malic acid), which plays an important role in energy production.

    Herbs such as boswellia and turmeric can help alleviate pain.

    Licorice (try Herb Pharm’s) can help combat fatigue and boost energy levels.

    5-HTP helps improve sleep and mood by raising serotonin levels. Try Pharmaca, Natural Factors or Jarrow Formulas.

    Melatonin helps improve sleep (learn more about different sleep supplements that can help). Try melatonin from Pharmaca, Natural Factors or Source Naturals.

    Fish oil helps reduce inflammation and reduce pain. Try Metagenics or Nordic Naturals.

    Liver support helps address toxic burden. Try  New Chapter’s Liver Force or Milk Thistle by Pharmaca, Eclectic Institute or Herb Pharm.

    Greens are an important source of minerals, help provide energy, and alkalize the body. Try Health Force Nutritionals, Amazing Grass or Vibrant Health.

    If you’re experiencing symptoms of fibromyalgia—such as deep muscle pain and fatigue that last longer than a week or two—talk to a qualified health practitioner about treatment options.

  • Healthy Heart Supplements: Pharmaca's Favorites

    Properly caring for your heart can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease—the leading cause of death in the U.S. While the American Heart Association’s year end update shows an approximately 30% decline in mortality rates due to heart disease since 1999, the data does not look as rosy when it comes to controlling risk factors.

    Living a healthy lifestyle, such as eating well, exercising regularly and avoiding smoking, is the most important way to protect your heart. However, supplementing a well-balanced diet with vital nutrients can have additional benefits. Nancy Brillault, a certified herbalist at the Carlsbad Pharmaca, shares her top five heart health supplements.

    Both EPA and DHA are types of omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil that help keep blood triglyceride levels in check and help lower elevated blood pressure. If you aren’t eating several servings of fatty fish each week, your diet may be lacking important omega-3s. Nancy recommends taking 1000–2500 mg for maintenance and 3000–5000 mg for a therapeutic dose. Her favorite brand is Nordic Naturals because it is produced with sustainable fishing methods, and exceeds the stringent European pharmacopoeia standard (EPS).

    CoQ10 is produced naturally in the human body, but low levels have been demonstrated in patients with heart conditions. Preliminary research suggests that supplementation with CoQ10 may be beneficial in the treatment of angina and elevated blood pressure. Nancy is a huge fan of New Chapter’s formula because it is fermented to be more bioavailable in the body. She also recommends pairing a CoQ10 supplement with d-ribose, since they work together to provide cellular energy.

    L-carnitine is used by the body to release energy stored in fat. It has potential therapeutic uses for heart health, like easing the symptoms of angina, reducing damage when taken soon after a heart attack, and lowering blood triglycerides and LDL cholesterol levels. Ask one of our practitioners about Jarrow’s professional grade L-carnitine formula.

    Magnesium is an essential mineral that is often depleted in those who take diuretics or laxatives, use alcohol, or have heart problems. Taking 200–300 mg of this mineral supplement twice a day helps reduce exercise-induced chest pain. Scientific studies have also shown benefits of magnesium supplementation for those with cardiac arrhythmia and congestive heart failure. Ionic Fizz by Pure Essence is Nancy’s favorite source since it works very quickly for an immediate effect.

    Hawthorn extract is an age-old heart tonic that has been shown to lower blood pressure and improve circulation. Nancy recommends the formula created by Gaia Herbs whose products are organically grown on a farm in North Carolina.

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