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  • New School Year, Healthier Kids

    It's an exciting time of year--when the thrill of starting a new school year means fun new gear for little ones. Get your kids off to school in style with everything they need for a healthy, happy fall.

    Clean 'em up

    We love the whole line of Clean Kids by Gabriel--from their Germ Busting Soap to their Banana Smoothie Detangler (yum!). Start your kids off right with this essential-oil infused, all-natural body care.

    Give them the right nutrition

    Our practitioners rave about Nordic Naturals' full line of kids' supplements. From their Nordic Berries Multivitamins to their tasty Children's DHA Strawberry liquid, Nordic offers everyday nutrition that your kids will love.

    Protect their skin

    Make sunscreen application a much easier task with Goddess Garden's new Sunscreen Sprays. They're packed with broad-spectrum, SPF 30 protection, and are gentle on even the most sensitive skin.

    Pack them up

    The littlest school-goers will love Skip Hop's fun insulated lunch bags and wear-proof backpacks, available in whimsical animal shapes (or try their Bento Mealtime Kit, an easy way to pack up little snacks).

    Add a reusable water bottle from Pura Kiki or Earthlust and fill it with water mixed with an electrolyte-infused drink mix. We love the tasty flavors from Ultima Replenishers, a great way to ensure they're getting hydration without the artificial sugar and flavors found in other drink mixes.

    You'll also want to send them off with school supplies from Melissa and Doug-their child-safe scissors and washable markers are an easy, eco-friendly way to equip them for their artistic endeavors.

    Give them style

    Keep wayward hair out of the way and add flair to any outfit with Natural Life's Hair Clips and Bobby Pins. Available in a variety of colors and styles, these accessories will guarantee your little girl will feel one-of-a-kind.

    Boost their immunity

    They're about to come in contact with a lot more germs than they're used to. Give them some extra protection with Pharmaca's Kids' Immune Booster, a well-loved herbal formula that gives their immune system a little extra oomph.

    Help them sleep soundly

    After a long day in the classroom (or on the soccer field), help them rest easy with the sweet sights and sounds of Cloud B's children's sleep products. Little ones clamor over who gets Twilight Turtle, which projects a starry night sky on the ceiling.

    For other great suggestions on getting your child's school year off on the right foot, speak with a Pharmaca practitioner today.  

  • Baby Basics (and Great Gift Ideas!)

    Whether it’s you or a loved one that's getting ready for a new addition to the family, here are some great ideas for stocking an all-natural nursery. Here, some Pharmaca Team Members talk about their favorite ways to keep baby healthy:

    Soothe their skin
    “We can’t live without the Avalon Baby Massage Oil.  It was recommended as a bath oil for my 2-year-old son with eczema. It is so nice, moisturizing and works great with his super sensitive skin (and it’s not loaded with petroleum or other junk!). It really helps keep both my kids’ skin baby soft in the dry Colorado climate.”
    -Lisa S, Team Member

    Help them sleep
    “Our son Jack loved the Sleep Sheep On the Go for the first year—travel and sleep would have been rough without it! Now he’s two and loves the Twilight Turtle. We have had to replace the batteries multiple times, since it makes bedtime easier for all of us.”
    -Heather S., Wife of Team Member Derek W.

    Keep the diaper bag stocked
    “Here’s what I always have in my bag for Chloe, 3, and Logan, 1:
    ·         Yes to Baby Carrots Soothing Diaper Cream—Because you never know when a rash will break out
    ·         Cleanwell Hand Sanitizer—Grubby hands are everywhere! And when your kid tries to pick gum up off of the ground you can sanitize those hands.
    ·         Cleanwell Disinfectant Wipes—You don’t know how clean that table/highchair is in a restaurant, so it’s nice to wipe it off prior to letting your kids gnaw at it!
    ·         Spare Pacifiers—One pops out and you don’t realize for a mile. Better to have a spare then to have an episode in the middle of errands.
    ·         Small toys/Melissa and Doug art supplies—Got to keep them entertained all the time!"
    -Tiana U., Team Member

    Boost their immunity
    “My daughter started going to daycare when she was 5 months old—it was flu season and she often got caught by spreading germs and viruses from fellow daycare-goers. Then a Pharmaca practitioner recommended Pharmaca Kid’s Immune Booster to me.  I started to mix droplets of the supplement in her formula, and it works! It definitely strengthens and supports her immune system and since then she has become stronger and is sick less often.”
    -Run Z., Team Member

    Keep them protected
    “We love the Goddess Garden Natural Sunscreen Spray, since it sprays on easy and works really well with no irritation – and we have a baby with very sensitive skin! And now that he’s up and running, the Neosporin Neo-to Go has been nice to have in my purse for when he crashes. I have also been using a lot of it on bug bites that he scratches too much.”
    -Heather S., Wife of Team Member Derek W.

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